Please read carefully and check if the version of your Zammad system is affected by this vulnerability. Please send information regarding vulnerabilities in Zammad to: security at

Security Advisory Details

Vulnerability Descriptions

1 - XSS vulnerability (CVE-2018-1000154)

Malicious HTML send via REST or email lead to execution in the application domain causing a XSS vulnerability. Zammad did not properly sanitizes user input in the title of a table This is now fixed.

Special 🙏 and 🤘 and ❤️ to:

N: ValtteriL / Valtteri Lehtinen
D: Hacker

Recommended Resolution

This vulnerability is fixed in the latest versions of Zammad and it is recommended to upgrade to one of these.

Fixed releases can be found at:

Or just update your Zammad if installed via OS package manager.

If you have a hosted Zammad, you do not need to take care. It's already updated.

Additional information

Online version of this advisory:

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