Alternative to OTRS 7:
Take the leap beyond the OTRS 8 with Zammad!

How to switch from OTRS 7 to Zammad

The upcoming mandatory migration to OTRS 8 is undoubtedly a challenge and may not be the ideal solution for everyone. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to an alternative, advanced, and user-friendly helpdesk solution: Zammad!

Developed by Martin Edenhofer, the former founder of OTRS, Zammad is a complete reimagining of the OTRS service desk and is particularly well-suited for those looking to switch from OTRS. Furthermore, since its launch in 2016, the open-source philosophy remains unchanged: Zammad's software is freely available, and anyone can download the source code. It is owned by a nonprofit foundation, the Zammad Foundation, which ensures that the freedom of the software is preserved forever.

Expand your helpdesk capabilities with Zammad and enjoy numerous advantages:

And if that's not enough, we have a comprehensive range of powerful features that will delight you when choosing Zammad! Discover the full scope of Zammad's functionalities now.

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Switch from OTRS to Zammad

Choose Zammad and take the next step towards a modern and efficient helpdesk solution! Get in touch with us, and let's discuss your specific needs together. In an initial consultation, we will get to know your individual requirements and preferences to create a customized migration plan.

We recommend a two-stage approach for the migration. First, a test migration will be performed to ensure everything works smoothly and your data is transferred accurately. Only after a successful test migration, the actual produc migration will be carried out at a separate time.

The data you receive as a backup from OTRS 7 or OTRS 8 will be sufficient for a complete migration to Zammad. Our experienced team will be there for you at every step to ensure a seamless data transfer without any loss of information.

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Here's what our users say after the switch

We were looking for a modern open-source tool for our Customer Support, and we found it with Zammad!

Tobias Kaminsky, Software Engineer & Client Lead

With Zammad, we save at least half an hour of working time per employee every day - and this is constantly being optimized.

Daniel Vierbuchen, Head of Team Customer Care

Zammad is becoming the central nervous system of communication in our company.

Raphael Michel, Founder and CEO,
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