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10 Reasons
for the Best Helpdesk

All this time on our website and you are still not convinced? Fine – we have summarized once again why Zammad is the best choice.

All communication channels in one place

Who never loses sight of things? Correct: you! Because with Zammad everything is on one surface. Email, telephone, chat, and social media - you are always ahead of the game!


Power tools for power people

Do not adjust to your tool ... adapt the tool to you! With Zammad you can configure your own overviews, templates, text blocks, filters, triggers and fields..


Easy migration of your existing data

Setting up Zammad and migrating your existing data is a breeze. You are not sure? Never mind, we are. And we’ll be there every step of the way.


Absolute data security

Your data is valuable and we handle it accordingly! Zammad runs on secure servers in German data centers and encrypts all your data automatically.


As flexible as you are

We have the right plan for every company size. And since you are (hopefully) always growing, you can easily change plans at any time. Because we don't want to stand in your way!


Find what you’re looking for

Zammad is the only helpdesk software on the market that offers a comprehensive full-text search - and scans attachments too! All this at lightning speed: 40 GB of data is checked in under 3 seconds.


Our customers are proud ambassadors

We can claim a lot of things. But why not let our customers do the talking? They have had a great experience with Zammad and are happy to share their user story.


Simply simple

Zammad was developed with award-winning UI designers. The clear, intuitive interface is super easy to use, which minimizes staff training and increases work efficiency.


Multitasking for everyone

What we don't like: dozens of browser windows. What we like: having everything in view. That's why Zammad has a smart taskbar that makes it easy to edit multiple profiles, files, or tickets at the same time.


Born from experience

We know what we are doing. Founder Martin Edenhofer and his team have already developed a successful helpdesk tool before. Zammad is the modern continuation - and you benefit from our experience.

Together we turn your customers into fans.
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