Zammad for Support Agents

A lot is going on in your job: tickets flutter in, the phone rings, and someone is constantly writing in the chat. Luckily, Zammad is an intelligent tool that helps you to manage all this easily. Why don't you see for yourself!

These agents use Zammad every day:

This solution makes your job easy

Why Zammad Is the Best Helpdesk for You

At Zammad, we have thought of many things to make your job easier. We help you to store details, find information, and filter data. Everything to help you get through the stressful everyday life of support faster, better, and more pleasantly.

Icon symbolizing a customer information page
For the most personal service

Detailed profiles

More than just the basics: the customer information page in Zammad has room for all relevant customer details. See at a glance what is important to your customers and make your support really personal!

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Icon for individually designed fields
Every detail is recorded

Individual fields

Adapt Zammad to your workflow. Individual fields and tags make it easy to store specific information - such as a certain date or a request classification. This way everything is sorted and grouped with one click.

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Book icon

Knowledge Base

At Zammad there is a knowledge base for each team. Create your own articles and explain procedures and guidelines.

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Template icon


Create your own templates and save time when answering recurring requests.

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Illustration of a sealed box
Your work is safe


Accidentally closed the ticket? No problem! With Zammad, every little bit of your work is automatically saved and can be accessed from other devices. Because we know how often something comes up and interferes with your flow!

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Illustration of a magnifying glass with text
The needle in the haystack

Full-text search

Where was that info again? No worries, we'll help you find it! The Zammad full-text search scans tickets as well as their attachments. And all at lightning speed: for example, scanning 40GB of data takes less than 3 seconds.

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Illustration of a clock

Time recording

In Zammad you have the possibility to record the exact processing time per ticket. This makes it easier for you to plan.

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Illustration of a list with a tick

Multiple Tasks

Zammad's smart taskbar makes it easy to open and edit multiple tickets, pages, or documents at the same time.

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