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Do you handle all your customer support via a classic mailbox? Wow, we’re impressed! But there’s no need for that! We have developed Zammad for people like you – so your workflow becomes easy and organized.

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Zammad is your modern, field-tested helpdesk software. Everything comes together in one place: phone, email, social media, chat ... keep track of all channels and distribute tasks within the team with just one click. Wait and see: your inbox will be empty faster than your coffee cup!

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Zammad Makes
Everyday Life Easy

We developed Zammad from years of experience with customer support and helpdesks. Thus it offers you all standard features - and many more!

Zammad also helps you to meet deadlines and create individual overviews. Thanks to the customer and organization profiles, you can match any name immediately. Are you tight for time? Create your own templates and text modules and send replies even faster.

SLA / Escalations

Never exceed a timeframe or miss a deadline. Zammad‘s Service Level Agreements are easy to configure for your individual needs.

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Multiple Tasks

Everything is happening at the same time? Easily manage various tasks simultaneously and without switching browser windows.

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Better Efficiency with a Better Overview

No idea if the mail arrived or what your colleague is doing right now? Not anymore! With Zammad, agents never get in each other's way again. Immediately see the processing status of all tickets and view all correspondence.

You see, we have thought of everything. Especially you. So what are you waiting for?

Ready for anything

Zammad is
open-source and transparent

Want a glimpse behind the scenes? Absolutely! Zammad is open-source software, so you can access our code anytime for free. Why not become part of our developer community?

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It Takes Care of Itself

The Archive Import

We agree that setting up such a new helpdesk sounds very time-consuming at first. But it’s not! Zammad's Archive Import allows you to upload your existing contacts and correspondence at lightning speed. In addition, we support you during the entire setup - including user training and workshops.

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