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Meet Zammad!

Zammad has long been able to hold its own as a modern helpdesk software and is increasingly asserting itself against large providers. One of them is the Atlassian corporation, whose ticket system Jira has similar functionality to Zammad.

In October 2020, Atlassian announced that they will switch completely to cloud operation in the future. In detail, this means that:

As a result, many Atlassian users are looking for an alternative solution that meets their just needs as well - and is self-hosted. Zammad is high on the list, as it serves the same use cases as the Jira tool, while at the same time impressing with a more streamlined and user-friendly interface.

What is Zammad, anyway?

In 2016, Martin Edenhofer, who once also created OTRS, started a new project. Zammad was born out of the idea to develop a modern, clean, and efficient ticketing system that any user can work with. He brought experienced developers on board who, in cooperation with the award-winning design agency Zeughaus, created the Zammad tool with its unique interface. And the best part: Zammad is free software!

Zammad is forever open-source

Zammad lives by the open-source idea - and this will not change. Anyone can view the software, download the source code, and host and use it for their own purposes - for free. With Zammad, costs will only incur when you sign a support contract.

Who does Zammad suit?

Zammad is a great alternative to Atlassian's Jira ticket system precisely because it covers the same application areas: it is directly designed for IT Support. With Zammad, all communication channels flow together. From emails, chat messages, tweets, etc., which quickly become messy, Zammad automatically creates one ticket for each. This way, you have everything in one place and keep track of all channels. Tickets can be assigned with one click and requests can be processed in a structured manner.

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LDAP integration

Zammad offers you centralized user/rights management options using our secure LDAP integration. See at any time who belongs to your helpdesk and automatically assign roles and permissions.

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SLA / Escalations

Would you like to guarantee certain customers a specific reaction or solution time? Zammad helps you to meet and evaluate it. This can be configured very quickly and easily in the admin interface.

More about SLA / Escalations
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Knowledge Base

It's so convenient if you can just look something up. That's why Zammad has an extensive knowledge base. It makes sure everyone is always in the picture - whether they’re an agent or a customer. Depending on your plan even in several languages!

More about Knowledge Base


Link programs quickly, easily, and straightforwardly through a REST API and get real-time information on all your channels and operations.

More about REST API
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Zammad offers easy Single Sign-On with just one click thanks to the integration of architectures such as SAML or Shibboleth. Don't spend a lot of time searching for passwords, just start right away!

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With Zammad you’re on the safe side: thanks to the S/MIME integration, your emails are encrypted and signed. This ensures secure and authenticated communication at all times.

More about S/MIME

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Switch from Atlassian to Zammad

Sounds good? Then go for it: the switch is quick and easy. Numerous users have already recognized Zammad as an alternative to Jira or Atlassian and made the switch. So far, none of them have regretted it!

We considered tools like Jira, but ultimately decided on Zammad. We wanted a simple and stable tool without much maintenance. It should be as easy as possible for the agent and customer. Everyone should be able to learn how to use it quickly.

Daniel Bollmann

Want help? Time for a workshop!

Our migration workshop is the perfect way to avoid initial difficulties. We'll work intensively with you to tailor Zammad to your needs and implement it smoothly. Our consultant will help you install the Zammad system on your server.

Look forward to insights, best practices and recommendations in the development of structure, processes, and workflows. We will also address the technical specification for your production environment (sizing).

Contact us if you have further questions or would like to make an appointment.

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