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Is it one of those days? Sticky notes all over and the phone won’t stop ringing? Zammad is the helpdesk software of the future and helps you find structure in the chaos. Connect all your communication channels, easily grant user rights, and receive helpful reporting. Have everything under control – and your customers under your spell. Discover the Zammad ticketing system now!

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Problem? Solved! Zammad helps your team to find the right answers. After all, great customer service makes all the difference: two thirds of all customers have changed providers because of poor support. But your customers are not among them!

  • Icon Timeline
    Historization of Changes
  • Icon for individually designed fields
    Individual fields
  • Icon representing speed
    Immediate Changes
  • Illustration showing a list
    Individual Lists & Overviews
  • Illustration of two speech bubbles
    Smart Chat
  • Illustration representing mutliple languages
  • Illustration of a name badge
  • Dashboard icon
  • Illustration of a magnifying glass looking for a person
    Customer Interface
  • Illustration of a crown
  • Icon of person running away from door
    Out of office / replacement
  • Illustration of a pen
  • SLA / Escalations
  • Mentions / Watch
  • Icon of a folder and an arrow pointing down
    Archive Import
  • Mobile View
  • Book icon
    Knowledge Base
  • Illustration of a list with a tick
    Multiple Tasks
  • Illustration of a sealed box
  • Icon to illustrate text modules
    Text modules
  • Illustration of a text marker highlighting text
    Permanent Marking
  • Illustration of a magnifying glass with text
    Full-text Search
  • Customer Information Icon
    Customer information page
  • Template icon
  • Illustration of a clock
    Time Accounting
  • Illustration of two tags
  • Illustration of two overlapping squares
    Bundle or split tickets
  • Illustration of a Link
    Parent / Child Relationship
  • organization information icon
    Organization Information Page
  • Icon of a person standing next to buildings
    Assigning User to Organization
  • CSV icon
    CSV Import of Users and Organizations
  • Icon of magnifying glass looking for person
    Editing conflict warning
  • Illustration of three people
  • Icon of a hand with a smartphone
    Responsive Design
  • Icon of a yellow table with a red Settings symbol
    Core Workflows
  • Duplicate Detection
  • REST API icon
  • LDAP icon
    LDAP integration
  • Illustration of a padlock and shield
  • Icon representing a Single Sign-on
  • Icon representing S/MIME integration
  • Illustration of a Fingerprint
    External Authentication
  • Illustration of two arrows coming together
    Zammad Migrator
  • Sipgate Integration
  • Placetel Integration
  • CTI Logo
    CTI Integration
  • Checkmk Integration
  • Monit Logo
    Monit Integration
  • Nagios Logo
    Nagios Integration
  • Logo i-doit
    i-doit Integration
  • icinga Integration
  • Clearbit Integration
  • Exchange Integration
  • Telegram Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • iCal Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Icon of two speech bubbles
  • Webhooks icon
  • Grafana Integration
  • Kibana Integration
  • GitHub Integration
  • GitLab Integration
  • Microsoft 365
  • Slack Integration
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • PGP
  • 2FA Feature Icon
    Two-Factor Authentication
  • Skyvia Icon
    Skyvia Connector
  • WhatsApp Business Integration
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Zammad means together

Get Inspired by Our Success Stories

Together we write success stories. Since its launch in 2016, hundreds of companies have already opted for Zammad's ticket system - and no one has regretted it!

There are three words that describe Zammad perfectly: intuitive, quick, and easy. The switch has definitely paid off: Zammad offers us more possibilities than we originally expected!

Stephan Heffner, Spokesperson of the Internet Commission, Amnesty International

This is the only Customer Support team I like calling. At Zammad, you always have a knowledgeable employee on the phone who is friendly and competent and acts quickly. This is really personal and makes an enormous difference!

René Gerasch, Head of Customer Support, Gansel Rechtsanwälte

Zammad is intuitive, clean, and provides great structure. This allows us to focus on what is most important: the customer.

Laura Gamez Morales, Head of Customer Service, myposter

Our IT helpdesk has been working with Zammad for a long time. Now, Zammad is also helping other organizational units of the administration to advance the digitization of internal processes and, for example, to digitally process and document requests/orders to janitors, building management, personnel management, or even time recording.

Gerhard Wingender, Office for IT, Neuwied Municipality

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Use Cases for a helpdesk software

Who Is
Zammad For?

Would Zammad make sense for my company? How can I put this software to use? Easy: Zammad has plenty of wide-ranging features, offering something for everyone!

3d animated forklift

Product / Service Support

  • Reliable information and support
  • Long-term, growing customer relationships
  • Own fields for specific key figures
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3d animatied production machine

Support for wholesale and retail

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Connection to existing ERP systems
  • Product-specific overviews
Learn more
3d animated printer

Zammad for the IT service desk

  • Self-service and instructions
  • Working with support levels
  • Automation through LDAP/Exchange
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News on Open Data,
New Work, and Helpdesk

Always up to Date With the Zammad Blog

What is so great about the Open Source concept? How does a helpdesk work and what are the benefits? What is the idea of New Work all about? Head to the Zammad Blog to find out all of this - and more!

Tiny but mighty

The Small World of Emojis and Their Big Impact on Customer Communication

A picture is worth a thousand words – this is also true for emojis. These small graphic elements have become an integral part of our digital communication and are increasingly being used in customer communication. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of emojis, exploring their origins, their impact on communication, and their significance in customer service.
Customer Service

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