Grafana Integration

Link Zammad to the Grafana reporting tool via a secure connection. This way, you get meaningful and understandable insights into the performance of your business and your helpdesk - all in one place. Identify and respond to changes immediately!

Grafana is a popular reporting tool and an established open-source solution. Data from numerous sources - such as InfluxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, and Graphite - is generated, analyzed and visually illustrated. As a result, trends and developments can be mapped in an easily understandable way.

Since Zammad 4.0, you have the ability to access Zammad information from third-party systems via Elasticsearch access. This allows you to create rich, customized reports in tools like Grafana:

Screenshot of Grafana Integration with Zammad

Easily build your own dashboards and analyze data on your helpdesk usage.

Check out the documentation for more detailed information.

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