Zammad Is Full of Benefits

There’s so much the Zammad ticketing system can do! To give you a full overview of the benefits we have created three Feature Decks. Find out how and where Zammad can help you to provide your best customer support yet.

Illustration of a headset
Your customer support will be more than amazing

Zammad Brings You the Best Helpdesk

Zammad offers you everything you need for an easier and smoother support routine. And even more! Curious?

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Fly through your day

Zammad Brings You More Productivity

Zammad boosts your productivity and helps you to tick tasks off faster than Usain Bolt runs. Because you got this place running smoothly!

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Connect channels and keep an overview

Zammad Brings You Smart Integrations

All those requests arrive in a million different ways, and you also need reporting? No worries: Zammad combines everything in one place – and then some!

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What is it like?

A First Impression of the Zammad Helpdesk

Have you ever been to the mall on the day before Christmas? Zammad is the exact opposite: structured, pleasant, and everything is done quickly. Here’s how it works:

  1. Working with Tabs
  2. Getting to know overviews
  3. Manage individual attributes
  4. Chat integration
  5. Form integration
Who is Zammad for?

Use Cases For
A Helpdesk Software

Does Zammad make sense for my business? Where would helpdesk support come in handy? Easy: Zammad has so many helpful features that you can be sure to find exactly what you need.

3d animated forklift

Product / Service Support

  • Reliable information and support
  • Long-term, growing customer relationships
  • Own fields for specific key figures
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3d animatied production machine

Support for wholesale and retail

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Connection to existing ERP systems
  • Product-specific overviews
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3d animated printer

Zammad for the IT service desk

  • Self-service and instructions
  • Working with support levels
  • Automation through LDAP/Exchange
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