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Zammad isn't just the subject of our own stories - on occasion, we're also the subject of media coverage. You can find all reports about Zammad in this press section. Would you like to write about us as well? We’d be delighted! Just contact us for more information.

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Press Release Helpdesk Zammad Launches Version 5.0 With Dynamic Workflows and Inclusive Language

Zammad GmbH launches version 5.0 of its open-source helpdesk software. It includes a new main feature: Core Workflows. This allows the creation of individual screens with dynamic fields including mutual dependencies. In addition, Zammad switches to inclusive language.

5 October 2021 · zammad.com
Press Release Open Source Helpdesk Zammad Records Revenue Growth of Over 90% - Again!

In the first half of 2021, Zammad GmbH was once again able to achieve customer growth and revenue growth of over 90% - as it has done in every year so far since its founding. The German startup under the leadership of Martin Edenhofer has now been holding its own in the market since 2016.

1 July 2021 · zammad.com
Interview with Martin Edenhofer – Founder & CEO at Zammad

TechRound speaks with Martin Edenhofer, the CEO and founder of helpdesk Software, Zammad. Read about how the business was started and their plans for growth.

22 April 2021 · techround.co.uk
Press Release Zammad 4.0: Helpdesk System Improves Collaboration and Reporting

On March 25, 2021, Zammad will take the next step with its version 4.0 and release new reporting options, helpful integrations, a mentions / watch function, and an improved responsive design. Thus, the open-source solution is increasingly positioning itself as a clear alternative to the big players on the market.

25 March 2021 · zammad.com
Martin Edenhofer of Zammad: How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space

Weare living in a new world in which offices are becoming obsolete. How can teams effectively communicate if they are never together? Zoom and Slack are excellent tools, but they don’t replicate all the advantages of being together. What strategies, tools and techniques work to be a highly effective communicator, even if you are not in the same space?

23 March 2021 · medium.com
Martin Edenhofer of Zammad: How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space

In this interview series, Authority Magazine is interviewing business leaders who share the strategies, tools, and techniques they use to effectively and efficiently communicate with their team who may be spread out across the world.

23 March 2021 · medium.com





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