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There is so much to do and it is getting more and more. Sounds familiar? To us as well! That's why our helpdesk software Zammad offers with numerous features to give your team a better overview. Now agents can find solutions quickly and process tickets more efficiently and productively.

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Knowledge Base

It's so convenient if you can just look something up. That's why Zammad has an extensive knowledge base. It makes sure everyone is always in the picture - whether they’re an agent or a customer. Depending on your plan even in several languages! More on the knowledge base

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Multiple Tasks

Zammad encourages multitasking: your agents can open and edit multiple documents (tickets, users, organizations) at the same time without having to switch between browser windows. More on multiple tasks

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Closing without saving will have no effect with Zammad. Your latest work is automatically saved and can also be edited from other devices. More on autosave

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Text modules

Zammad means convenience: with the help of our flexible text modules, customer inquiries can be handled more efficiently. Simply define your own shortcuts! More on text modules

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Permanent Marking

Finding important sections easily? Zammad supports the permanent marking of relevant passages so that you can find them at a glance at any time. Bye-bye, sticky notes! More on permanent marking

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Full-text Search

The needle in a haystack? No problem with Zammad. Our full-text search does not only scan tickets but also their attachments. And all of this at breakneck speed: for example, searching 40GB of data takes less than 3 seconds. More on the full-text search

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Customer information page

Who was that again? At Zammad, all of your customers have their own information page with all contact details and important information. This way you won't forget anything! More on the customer page

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Do you have to answer the same questions over and over again? Zammad allows you to create individual ticket templates. This way you never type more than necessary, save valuable time, and can be sure that every agent always finds the right words. More on templates

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Time Accounting

Zammad enables agents to record the exact processing time per ticket. This makes planning and billing easier. More on time recording

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Create your own tags to easily categorize your tickets. This makes it easier than ever to find tickets again and guarantees that you always have an overview. More on tags

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Bundle or split tickets

With Zammad you can bundle related tickets or split one ticket into several. This way you always have a structured overview of all open to-dos. More on ticket bundling / splitting

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Parent / Child Relationship

One of your tasks results in further work steps? No problem: link main tasks with further tickets within seconds by defining a parent-child relationship. More on parent / child tickets

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Organization Information Page

There was something important ... On the individual page for each organization, you will find all relevant information at a glance. So relax - nothing gets mixed up anymore! More on the organization page

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Assigning User to Organization

Create a sharing organization and grant its members certain access rights. Changes can be made quickly and tickets can be assigned more easily. More on assigning users

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CSV Import of Users and Organizations

Getting started is hard? Not with Zammad: import your existing databases, user lists, etc. as CSV files with just one click. This way you immediately have access to everything you need! More on the CSV import

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Editing conflict warning

It’s so annoying if you have just edited something and a colleague overwrites it at the same time. With Zammad this doesn't happen anymore - our conflict warning directly indicates when multiple agents are editing the same ticket. More on editing conflicts

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Form groups to create separation within your teams and departments using a tree structure. By creating specific settings you can easily assign permissions, specify senders, and define signatures. More on groups

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Responsive Design

Use Zammad on your mobile devices and enjoy a pleasant, user-friendly interface even on smaller screens. Access your helpdesk on the go and be even more productive. More on the responsive design

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Core Workflows

Different teams need different data. Our Core Workflows with Dynamic Object Screens allow you to define exactly which ticket fields different groups should see, making Zammad less cluttered - and even more perfect for individual use cases. More on core workflows

Duplicate Detection

Are you tired of wasting valuable time searching for duplicate tickets? Let Zammad handle it for you! With the Duplicate Detection feature, Zammad performs an automatic check during the ticket creation process to identify duplicate tickets within your helpdesk. Once duplicates are detected, you will be promptly notified. More on the Duplicate Detection

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