Permanent Marking

Illustration of a text marker highlighting text

Highlight the most important parts of your tickets - just like you would in a printed document. This way, everyone can see at a glance what really matters, which is especially helpful for very long correspondences.

Sometimes your tickets and correspondences might include very important parts, such as a link, a name, or an appointment. In order to make sure everyone finds these details quickly and easily, Zammad supports permanent marking. This is super easy and extremely helpful!

First, you can pick the color of your highlight by clicking on the pen next to the ticket name.

Then, just select the part you would like to highlight and click on the pen to mark it permanently.
As you can see, the different colors even allow you to implement "highlight categories", such as yellow for names, green for links, etc...

The highlight will look like this:

No more sticky notes or eternal scrolling!

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