Do You Know
That You Are Heroes?

How often does one dread picking up the phone and calling customer service. Expectations range from "They're only reading off the script anyway" to
"I'll be in the queue forever".

But then there’s you. The unexpectedly different support agents. The ones who provide competent help. The ones who remember you. And keep their promises. Do you know that you are heroes?

You make sure that customer satisfaction is not an urban legend, but a real phenomenon that happens every day.

You make sure that your companies grow and that your ratings are positive. You make sure that we like to call customer service. And far too often you are not appreciated at all. That's why we say:

Thank you

Thank you for your patience.
For every "have a nice day".
And for believing there are no stupid questions.

It's great that we can improve your stressful everyday life with Zammad!

Enjoy this song!

Together we turn your customers into fans.
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