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You have created something great with your company. To keep it on the road to success, we have the best ticketing system for you. With Zammad you don't have to worry about support and service. Instead, you have time to drive the business forward!

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Why it pays off

These Features Make Zammad the Best Ticketing System

Zammad provides you and your team with numerous features for full support success. Helpful integrations give you a full overview and help with smart monitoring. Practical tools promote productivity and save time. Because at Zammad we have thought of everything!

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Less effort - more time

Central user administration

Zammad can be connected to central user management systems such as LDAP or AD. Integrate those tools without any additional effort and enjoy the reduced administrative effort.

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Connection of third-party tools


Link monitoring tools, social media channels, and internet telephony quickly, easily, and straightforwardly through a REST API and get real-time information on all your channels and operations.

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Illustration showing a list

Individual Lists & Overviews

Create individual overviews. Number, names, columns, properties, and permissions can be defined with just a click by the administrator.

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SLA / Escalations

A promise is a promise: Zammad helps you to meet reaction or resolution times and warns you when deadlines are about to expire.

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Icon Timeline
Audit safety

Historization of changes

In Zammad, thanks to the ticket history, you can always trace back what the customer and the agent have worked on. This leaves no room for complaints and makes it a popular tool with banks!

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Illustration of three people
A well-structured team

Groups / Queues

By creating groups, you can separate department-specific areas of responsibility. It allows you to easily assign authorizations, specify senders, and determine signatures.

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The special interface allows customers to always track the processing status of their tickets. This way, everyone is always in the picture.

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Customer Interface

Zammad shows you who’s important. Using the VIP feature, important customers can be marked and displayed in the interface in a special way.

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