Individual Lists & Overviews

Illustration showing a list

Zammad lets you create overviews for your agents and customers. Easily configure helpful lists for different purposes and define the parameters according to the use case. The overviews can be used as a kind of to-do list of tasks that the agent is supposed to complete. You can also create individual reports on different matters for agents or agent groups.

Maximum efficiency can only be ensured if everyone has quick access to all the information they need. If this information is also well-structured and can be read at a glance... well, you've nailed it!

Zammad enables you to have just that by creating individual overviews for your team and your customers. Admins can access the Overview Management Area and configure lists for specific use cases. Access to the overviews can be defined based on the group or role.

Screenshot Zammad Overviews

Set your individual attributes

To make sure your list or overview is perfect for its purpose, you can define a series of parameters. These include:

  • Role (agent, admin, or customer)
  • Name (select specific users)
  • Is it only available for users with a shared organization?
  • Is it only available for users who are a replacement for other users?


To make your list even more detailed you can select from a wide range of attributes:

Screenshot Zammad overview attributes

Zammad makes it easy to bring structure to the everyday Support mayhem. What are you waiting for?

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