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Zammad Diary | Dusan Vuckovic: Problem Solving, Stargazing and Side Quests

Meet Dusan, our colleague from the software development team at Zammad, whose diverse interests range from complex problem solving to amateur astronomy. In this diary entry, Dusan shares insights into his work, his lifelong learning strategies, and the benefits and challenges of working remotely. He also talks about his passion for stargazing and his idea of teamwork.
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Demystifying AI in Customer Support: Understanding the Potential and Limitations of the Technology

The thought of artificial intelligence evokes mixed feelings in many people - between the hope of a smart assistant and the fear of not being able to keep up with the new technology. On closer inspection, the apparent mystery of AI turns out to be a welcome opportunity for the future, which still needs time to mature in many use cases.

Workflow Automation: Streamlining Processes with Zammad and n8n

In Zammad workshops, customers increasingly ask me the question: "What options are there for automating workflows across applications?" An understandable request, since the benefits of workflow automation are obvious: complicated business processes can be simplified and easily managed. I have found a simple solution for this.
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Using WhatsApp successfully in Customer Service: 7 practical Tips

More and more companies are expanding their communication channels to include WhatsApp to send updates about products and offer customer support. However, the expectations and etiquette in customer service via the messenger differ from traditional channels such as email and phone hotlines. We provide you seven practical tips on how you can successfully integrate WhatsApp into your customer communication.
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About the Risk of Burnout in Customer Support: 5 Tips for Prevention

Every employee wishes for a healthy work environment. However, sometimes excessive stress, a high workload, and self-sacrificing commitment can lead to sudden burnout. We provide you with practical tips and actionable tools on how to actively prevent this development in your support team.
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Integrating Omnichannel Strategy for an Unparalleled Customer Experience

Digital customer service means complementing service channels without replacing traditional ones. A well-thought-out omnichannel strategy enhances the customer experience and promotes seamless support as well as strong customer loyalty. Learn how to effectively integrate support channels to foster consistent and connected communication.
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Maximize Customer Support through Data Integration

In our fast-paced, hyper-connected world, the bar for customer service is constantly being raised. Customers want their support issues resolved quickly and efficiently, regardless of the channel they choose to communicate through. Meeting these expectations poses a challenge for many businesses. That's where the power of data integration shines. In this article, we'll explore how combining the capabilities of Zammad and Skyvia can significantly enhance the customer experience.
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Open Source and the Power of Knowledge Exchange

The open source community, once dismissed as a niche, now globally provides a vast pool of ideas and knowledge. Open Source has evolved into a treasure trove of experts and know-how, ensuring collaborative project development on a solidarity basis. Our article explains the advantages that this consolidated knowledge brings.
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Customer self-service: How to help customers help themselves

When challenges obstruct progress, tips and tricks from support can help. However, solving questions and problems independently often promises a greater sense of achievement, and users usually find it to be a faster way to reach their goals. It is important to know which types of support are most useful to customers and offer added value.
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Gerrit Daute Zammad Consultant

Zammad Diary | Gerrit Daute: Workshops, Wizard Wednesdays and Too Many Bones

Gerrit is our consultant and has the exciting job of exploring the diverse deployment scenarios of Zammad. He skillfully translates customer requirements and needs into the ticketing system. The more complex the use case, the better! Gerrit thrives on challenges, even in his free time. His impressive track record in various games speaks volumes. What drives him beyond that, he reveals in this diary entry.
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The Key Trends and Statistics in Customer Service

The year 2023 is in the books. It's time to reflect on the past months and shed light on trends and topics that held particular relevance in customer service. Forbes, the business magazine, has reached out and surveyed customers about their wishes and expectations regarding service offerings. The result highlights which points should be definitely considered in the new year and beyond.
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