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Properly Equipped: Everything For An Ergonomic Workplace

Sitting for long periods, the wrong posture in front of the computer or a lack of movement: Many employees suffer from physical complaints based on an incorrect sitting position or poor equipment. To bring up long-term improvements, these five things should definitely not be missing in an ergonomic workplace.
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10 Good Reasons To Switch Your Helpdesk To Zammad

Support can be tough, but with a smart ticketing system like Zammad, you can make the job much easier. We've distilled our years of customer support experience into a tool that provides you with an overview and automation. Here are 10 reasons why changing to Zammad will be worth it for you.

Guide For Data Economy: Four Steps Against Data Waste

Anyone who wants to make progress with their digital business relies on collecting and analyzing user data. However, the focus should always be on the quality of the data basis - and less on the quantity. With our four-step guide, you can sharpen your understanding of relevant information and effectively implement data economy.
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5 Ways to Measure Your Customer’s Satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy is a key part of growing your business. It’s what will spell the difference between repeat and one-time customers. A customer’s satisfaction level will reflect whether you’ve met or exceeded their expectations with your service and products.

Do You Have A Sustainability Strategy? Here Is Ours!

To kick off the new year, we want to present how we contribute to sustainable business and maybe also inspire more companies to do so.

Helpdesk Reporting: Comprehensive Data Analysis With Zammad

Get your support staff data-informed now - with the reporting capabilities in Zammad. Performance analysis allows you to identify large efforts in topics and communication channels and set up your team of agents accordingly. We share the necessary know-how.

New Work: 10 Terms You Should Know

New Work has become an established term in the modern working world. It means turning away from dusty routines and opening up to flexible working models. But despite all the euphoria about the change in the world of work, the new terms often still cause frowns among colleagues. Let's clear things up!

How To Organize The Knowledge In Your Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is the first step for your team in search of answers. The wiki-style knowledge base helps ensure transfer between colleagues, newcomers, or customers (and guarantees a productive workflow). We'll show you what's important when it comes to maintaining and structuring your knowledge base.

How To Use Open Innovation To Drive Ideas

Simply think bigger, and consider external influences: Open Innovation relies on know-how from outside and helps companies to develop further. Although many brands and companies are reluctant to release the view behind the scenes, the practice has proven that a lot can be gained with impulses from the outside.
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The Tasks Of A Sustainability Manager (And When You Should Hire One)

Sustainable working requires new structures and a conscious rethinking in companies. From paperless offices to reduced energy consumption, the assignment of a Sustainability Manager ensures sustainable goals in the long run. Read all about the new job profile here.
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The Limits Of Open Source: Where Does The Desire For Openness End?

The spheres of open source use are seemingly endless. However, companies and developers should be aware that free programming also has its limits. In order not to exceed them or fall into a trap, we give five thought-provoking suggestions for the work with open source.
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