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Customer self-service: How to help customers help themselves

When challenges obstruct progress, tips and tricks from support can help. However, solving questions and problems independently often promises a greater sense of achievement, and users usually find it to be a faster way to reach their goals. It is important to know which types of support are most useful to customers and offer added value.
Customer Service
Gerrit Daute Zammad Consultant

Zammad Diary | Gerrit Daute: Workshops, Wizard Wednesdays and Too Many Bones

Gerrit is our consultant and has the exciting job of exploring the diverse deployment scenarios of Zammad. He skillfully translates customer requirements and needs into the ticketing system. The more complex the use case, the better! Gerrit thrives on challenges, even in his free time. His impressive track record in various games speaks volumes. What drives him beyond that, he reveals in this diary entry.
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The Key Trends and Statistics in Customer Service

The year 2023 is in the books. It's time to reflect on the past months and shed light on trends and topics that held particular relevance in customer service. Forbes, the business magazine, has reached out and surveyed customers about their wishes and expectations regarding service offerings. The result highlights which points should be definitely considered in the new year and beyond.
Customer Service

The best onboarding process for your new customer support agents

Get off to a flying start in support! A 30-60-90-day plan can help make the start in the company as pleasant as possible for new colleagues and team members. With such a plan, managers set realistic expectations and clear goals to ensure that new employees can get started right from the beginning.
New Work

Season's Greetings from Team Zammad

With the conclusion of a successful year, we sincerely thank all customers and users for their loyalty and support. Some team members have stepped in front of the camera to personally wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Special Christmas greetings go out to the heroes behind the virtual helpdesk!
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The right fit for your project: Open-source licenses at a glance

The agony of choice! The multitude of existing open-source licenses poses challenges for developers, requiring decisions with long-term effects. In our guide, we provide an overview of the most commonly used licenses and explain the foundational principles and advantages that your software can benefit from when using them.
Open Source

Magic of Team Spirit: A Glimpse into the Zammad Team Offsite 2023

Even as a 'fully-remote' company, we recognize that true magic happens when we meet in person. That's why once a year, we break free from the virtual world to learn, laugh, and experience the beauty of being together. Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at our Team Offsite 2023!
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5 Top Open-Source Projects Everyone Should Know

Open-source software has long become an essential part of an efficient working environment. However, only a few people are aware that many of their favorite tools are also classic open-source projects. We introduce you to five applications and helpers from the community that you absolutely should know.
Open Source

Zammad Diary | Mirta Spitzer: with the laptop on the surfboard

From which location are you currently working? – Mirta often hears this question from her team because her webcam background changes regularly in our stand-up meetings. In an interview, she tells us how she perfectly combines her love for travel and adventure with her role in the product team.
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Digitization Made Easy: How a Helpdesk Enables Smart Work in the Public Sector

On the way to a digital society, municipalities, city councils and other players from the local government sector play a central role. They are in charge of shaping the quality of life, work, and location of different areas, as well as the user-oriented citizen services throughout the country. The focus is on a common understanding of digitization, a defined distribution of roles, and clear areas of responsibility.

Zammad's Anniversary: seven years and still going strong!

October 2023 marks 7 years of Zammad! Wow, has it really been that long? What began as a daring vision to democratize customer service has blossomed into a self sustaining company in the open source environment. We haven't just crossed the pivotal point often referred to as the "seven-year itch" where many businesses stumble; we've thrived, fostering a strong community, expanding our user base, and earning the loyalty of countless customers along the way.
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