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With our comprehensive range of workshops, we support you at every step – from the initial idea of introducing a ticketing system to configuring your own solution. Become a helpdesk hero with us!

Together we will discuss your needs and customize the workshop to your team. Our consultants have many years of Zammad experience (not only in consulting, but also in further development) and can address any issues. Choose from one of the offers below or book them all for your worry-free help desk experience!

Our consulting services are offered in 8-hour days. Rates for a remote workshop start at EUR 1,598 net (excl. VAT). If you prefer an on-site workshop, we also offer it as an 8-hour option plus travel expenses.

Due to high demand, our consultants are fully booked 8 weeks in advance. Therefore, we recommend securing your desired workshop date early.

1. Product Evaluation

Are you searching for a new ticketing or helpdesk system? Would you like to base your decision on facts rather than being guided by emotions?

The evaluation process constitutes the first step of a successful implementation project. In this process, you will gain comprehensive insights into the features and capabilities of Zammad. You will learn how these can enhance your daily work routine. An experienced Zammad consultant will guide you through this workshop, addressing your needs and potential solution approaches.

You have clear ideas of your requirements and would like to have the implementation of all your must-have/showstopper functions proven in a PoC before making a long-term strategic product selection. Together with you, we create a service package with reliable budget costs for a pilot project phase. Simultaneously, we collaborate on estimating efforts for customer-specific adaptations. This enables you to make a decision for or against a product based on reliable figures and confirmed assumptions.

2. Product Implementation

In this workshop, Zammad will be installed on your servers according to your requirements (sizing). Our consultant will assist you with server configuration and explain suitable tools and organizational measures for monitoring and incident management.

During the conceptual design process, your organization will work intensively with our consultant to develop the best specification for your Zammad implementation. Our consultant will provide insight, best practices and recommendations in developing the structure, processes and workflows.

Following the installation and based on the results of the conception, we assist you with the configuration of Zammad. The focus here lies on implementing channels (email, chat, contact form, etc.), setting up triggers and other automations, as well as designing a dynamic case-specific interface (core workflows). We guide you on successfully transitioning your Zammad environment into productive use. The workshop's topics, agenda, and objectives will be coordinated in advance.

The workshop is conducted remotely. During this workshop, you will receive a dedicated recommendation on the concrete steps you can take to set up your Zammad instance in the most target-oriented way possible.

During an implementation project, individual specialized topics often arise. We assist you with setting up and configuring Single Sign-On (SSO), integrating third-party systems, and security settings (2FA, etc.). The dates, topics, agenda, and objectives of the workshops will be personally coordinated with you in advance.

Once Zammad has been introduced, new potential uses quickly emerge and the desires of agents and team leaders become apparent. Your company continues to evolve, and the requirements for Zammad change over time. Through review workshops (recommended: 4-12 weeks after the introduction of Zammad, and then annually), we attend to your questions about Zammad and explore new possibilities for you. Our consultants have extensive experience with Zammad and can address all issues. The workshop's topics, agenda, and objectives will be personally coordinated with you in advance.

3. Interface Integration & Migration

In Zammad, all actions can be performed directly through the REST API from external sources. Therefore, it's easily possible to import or synchronize data from Zammad to external systems or from external data sources to Zammad. Since Zammad is an open system with an internal CRM, these customer-specific API endpoints are not documented. In an API workshop, we review together with your developers the expected API payloads of dedicated API calls in Zammad to ensure a seamless integration of your data into your existing system infrastructure.

In most cases, migration from another helpdesk system to Zammad is straightforward. We provide a migration tool for systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Kayako-SaaS, OTRS (up to version 6), as well as for OTRS forks like Znuny or KIX. Migration is facilitated through an add-on module for your current helpdesk system, which systematically transfers and structures all data to Zammad via REST API. Data transfer is complimentary for paying Zammad customers (SaaS hosting or self-hosting with a support contract) during business and service hours. The duration of data transfer can vary based on the system and data volume, leading to potential extra charges. Moreover, every system requires distinct preparatory and follow-up work, which is typically addressed in a migration workshop. The migration process itself is recommended to be conducted in two phases (testing and productive migration). A standard migration workshop typically involves 2-4 stages.

  1. Preliminary consultation on the migration and definition of the preliminary work 

  2. Defined preliminary work and test migration

  3. Approval of the test migration and productive migration

  4. Follow-up work after completion of the migration

Are you using OTRS 7 / OTRS 8? For these cases, we also offer a migration solution, which you can find here: Zammad as Alternative to OTRS 7

4. Development Workshops

Do you want to integrate Zammad with another product? There are various options available for this purpose. Fundamentally, integration can be achieved through webhooks or API calls. In an integration workshop, we assist you in identifying suitable solutions. If required, we estimate the effort for implementation through custom development or as a feature enhancement within the Zammad standard product.

Do you have specific ideas about functionalities in Zammad and would like them to be implemented? A first step is a technical specification that combines the following questions from a data, process, and presentation perspective as a requirements document:

--> Why can't the requirement be implemented with the current resources?
--> What is the objective (from the perspective of agents, administrators, or customers)?
--> How should it appear and be technically realized?

As part of development processes, work is carried out using the agile methodology. For this purpose, individual progress and milestones of the implementation are presented and approved by the client before further development steps are taken. Refinement workshops are typically feature-specific and usually last only 1-2 hours. Depending on the implementation method and complexity of a feature, several brief refinement meetings may be necessary.

5. Training Workshops

This training is designed for Zammad administrators and demonstrates the confident use of the toolbox, basic functions, and the many configuration options of the system. We will prepare you for administration and guide you through daily Zammad operations!

As not every customer wishes to use every feature, this individual consultant day can also emphasize more complex content, allowing for in-depth discussions and condensed delivery. The number of participants is limited to 8 attendees.

This training is designed for service and support staff. The goal is the safe handling of Zammad as well as the effective use of all functions in your daily work. The workshop contains 8 hours and can be delivered in 2 sessions of 4 hours each.

A generic training session lasts approximately 4 hours. Therefore, agent training workshops are perfect for training entire teams in multiple groups with individual focus topics. The number of participants is limited to 10 per group (4 hours).

6. Technical Workshop

Do you have an urgent technical issue with your self-hosted Zammad instance and no active support contract? Within the framework of a technical workshop, we assist you in analyzing and resolving the problem. Please note that due to workload, there may be a waiting period of 4-6 weeks between order placement and service provision.

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