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Historization of Changes

Zammad is audit-proof. That's one reason why it is often used in banks. For example, the ticket history can be used to track who made which changes at what time. Learn more

Knowledge Base

It's so convenient if you can look just something up. That's why Zammad has an extensive knowledge base. It makes sure everyone is always in the picture - whether they’re an agent or a customer. Depending on your plan even in several languages! Learn more



Link programs quickly, easily, and straightforwardly through a REST API and get real-time information on all your channels and operations. Learn more

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Individual fields

Zammad allows you to create individual fields - such as specific dates or query classifications. And best of all, it works not only for tickets but also for users and organizations. Learn more

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Immediate Changes

Changes to objects (e.g. changing a status or adding a note) are immediately displayed in Zammad. The advantage? It prevents duplicate work and colleagues are always well informed. Learn more

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Individual Lists & Overviews

Create individual overviews - specifically for your different teams. Numbers, names, columns, properties, and permissions can be defined by the administrator. Learn more

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Be quick now: via our chat, your support team can solve customer queries 7x faster than via conventional email. Learn more

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The Zammad web app supports over 30 languages. Simply select your preferred interface language and avoid misunderstandings. Learn more

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Individual people require individual styles. Design your signatures freely and add your company logo to the platform. Self-hosted versions also offer the possibility to completely personalize Zammad via custom CSS. Learn more

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Multiple Tasks

Zammad encourages multitasking: your agents can open and edit multiple documents (tickets, users, organizations) at the same time without having to switch between browser windows. Learn more

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Closing without saving will have no effect with Zammad. Your latest work is automatically saved and can also be edited from other devices. Learn more

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Text modules

Zammad means convenience: with the help of our flexible text modules, customer inquiries can be handled more efficiently. Simply define your own shortcuts! Learn more

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Permanent Marking

Finding important sections easily? Zammad supports the permanent marking of relevant passages so that you can find them at a glance at any time. Bye-bye, sticky notes! Learn more

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Full-text Search

The needle in a haystack? No problem with Zammad. Our full-text search does not only scan tickets but also their attachments. And all of this at breakneck speed: for example, searching 40GB of data takes less than 3 seconds. Learn more

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Customer information page

Who was that again? At Zammad, all of your customers have their own information page with all contact details and important information. This way you won't forget anything! Learn more

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Been away for a while? No problem: the Zammad dashboard shows you what you have missed. Be it new messages, assigned tickets, or missed calls - you are right back in the game! Learn more

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Do you have to answer the same questions over and over again? Zammad allows you to create individual ticket templates. This way you never type more than necessary, save valuable time, and can be sure that every agent always finds the right words. Learn more

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LDAP integration

Zammad offers you centralized user/rights management options using our secure LDAP integration. See at any time who belongs to your helpdesk and automatically assign roles and permissions. Learn more

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With Zammad you are on the safe side: we support various password policies and device logging to ensure that you can work securely and reliably at all times. Learn more

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Zammad offers easy Single Sign-On with just one click thanks to the integration of architectures such as SAML or Shibboleth. Don't spend a lot of time searching for passwords, just start right away! Learn more

Icon representing S/MIME integration


With Zammad you’re on the safe side: thanks to the S/MIME integration, your emails are encrypted and signed. This ensures secure and authenticated communication at all times. Learn more

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Customer Interface

After customers have created tickets, they can track the status via the customer interface. This way, everyone is always in the picture and can provide further information. Learn more

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Zammad shows you who is important. Use the VIP feature to select important customers so they will be highlighted. You can also use this feature for triggers/notifications. Learn more

Illustration of a Fingerprint

External Authentication

With Zammad it is possible to sign in through third parties such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google via OAuth. This way you are securely connected to Zammad with just one click. Learn more

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Zammad Migrator

Migration without sacrifice? It's simple: When you change to Zammad, you can easily take your existing data with you. Use the Zammad Migrator and switch from OTRS, Freshdesk, or Zendesk to Zammad quickly and securely. Learn more

Illustration of a clock

Time recording

Zammad enables agents to record the exact processing time per ticket. This makes planning and billing easier. Learn more

Illustration of two tags


Create your own tags to easily categorize your tickets. This makes it easier than ever to find tickets again and guarantees that you always have an overview. Learn more

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Bundle or split tickets

With Zammad you can bundle related tickets or split one ticket into several. This way you always have a structured overview of all open to-dos. Learn more

Illustration of a Link

Parent / Child Relationship

One of your tasks results in further work steps? No problem: link main tasks with further tickets within seconds by defining a parent-child relationship. Learn more

Organization Information Page

There was something important ... On the individual page for each organization, you will find all relevant information at a glance. So relax - nothing gets mixed up anymore! Learn more

Icon of a person standing next to buildings

Assigning User to Organization

Create a sharing organization and grant its members certain access rights. Changes can be made quickly and tickets can be assigned more easily. Learn more

Sipgate Logo

Sipgate Integration

Contact your users by phone and solve problems efficiently: the Sipgate integration provides caller information directly in Zammad, creates a call log, and secures important information. Learn more

Placetel Logo

Placetel Integration

Personal chats are often the most successful ones. Zammad has a Placetel integration that allows you to make calls to customers, provides a call overview, and records all calls in the customer profile. Learn more

CTI Logo

CTI Integration

Zammad's advanced CTI integration allows you to make top quality calls directly from your helpdesk. This way you can offer your customers optimal support and have everything in one place. Learn more

CSV icon

CSV Import of Users and Organizations

Getting started is hard? Not with Zammad: import your existing databases, user lists, etc. as CSV files with just one click. This way you immediately have access to everything you need! Learn more

Checkmk Logo

Checkmk Integration

Keep an eye on performance: the Checkmk integration provides an overview of your server utilization, load times, etc. and ensures that issues are detected in time. Learn more

Monit Logo

Monit Integration

Always know how things are going – thanks to the Monit Integration. View current data on your system status directly in Zammad and let Monit automatically make adjustments and corrections. Learn more

Nagios Logo

Nagios Integration

Zammad offers you a direct integration with Nagios, allowing you to monitor your system, networks, and infrastructure. This helps you to recognize developments immediately and react straight away. Learn more

Logo i-doit

i-doit Integration

Easy IT documentation directly in Zammad: the integration of i-doit makes it possible. Keep an eye on your data, processes, and systems so that you can always make adjustments and improvements. Learn more

icinga Logo

icinga Integration

Is everything going well? The icinga integration shows you all important data, statistics, and performance details directly in Zammad. Alerts warn you about problems so that you can react in time. Learn more

Clearbit Logo

Clearbit Integration

Want to be close to your customers? The Clearbit integration keeps you up to date. How often did this customer visit your site? Who has changed jobs? Stay on the ball and adjust your service! Learn more

Exchange logo

Exchange Integration

Our Exchange synchronization allows you to import Exchange address book contacts straight into Zammad. This way every contact is always at hand - and absences can be easily managed. Learn more

Telegram Logo

Telegram Integration

Allow your users to contact you easily via Telegram. Thanks to the integration, you can receive and process messages directly in Zammad and have everything in one place. Learn more

Facebook Logo

Facebook Integration

See immediately when someone comments on your Facebook posts. The corresponding integration allows you to reply quickly and directly in Zammad, so you can maintain a short response time. Learn more

Slack Logo

Slack Integration

Are you engrossed in a Slack chat? No problem: just link it to Zammad! This way you can automatically receive a message in Slack when there is a new ticket. Learn more

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Editing conflict warning

It’s so annoying if you have just edited something and a colleague overwrites it at the same time. With Zammad this doesn't happen anymore - our conflict warning directly indicates when multiple agents are editing the same ticket. Learn more

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Out of office / replacement

You're not there? But the ticket is waiting! No problem - just appoint a replacement who will receive your tasks automatically. If they are also not there, their substitute will receive it, and so on. That way you won't leave any customers hanging. Learn more

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iCal Integration

All appointments at a glance: the iCal integration allows you to link Zammad to the most popular calendar tools. This way overdue tickets and pending reminders are automatically added to your calendar. Learn more

Illustration of three people


Form groups to create separation within your teams and departments. By creating specific settings you can easily assign permissions, specify senders, and define signatures. Learn more

Illustration of a pen


Bring more clarity to your messages with the Zammad Editor. Whether it’s boldface, italic text, or bullet points - simple keyboard shortcuts ensure easy layout. Learn more

Twitter Logo

Twitter Integration

Are people talking about you? Don’t miss out. Answer immediately with a status update or a direct message directly from Zammad. Learn more

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Use the bidirectional customer communication via SMS and receive (unidirectional) trigger notifications. So you won't miss anything anymore! Learn more

SLA / Escalations

Would you like to guarantee certain customers a specific reaction or solution time? Zammad helps you to meet and evaluate it. This can be configured very quickly and easily in the admin interface. Learn more


Webhooks facilitate the exchange between Zammad and third-party systems. They can easily send ticket and article information to any URL, allowing you to effortlessly share data with another system. Learn more

Grafana Logo

Grafana Integration

All statistics about your company at a glance: link your Grafana account with Zammad's Elasticsearch and always see exactly what’s going on. Learn more

Kibana Integration

Want to analyze data in detail and map trends easily? Connect your Zammad with Kibana and create helpful reports and overviews of your Zammad usage. Learn more

GitHub Integration

You can easily integrate Zammad with GitHub. This way, new issues are linked to Zammad tickets, which allows you to edit them directly from your helpdesk. Learn more

GitLab Integration

Easily link your GitLab issues to your Zammad tickets and manage everything in one place. This way you can edit the issue status and information directly in Zammad. Learn more

Mentions / Watch

The Mentions feature allows you to tag colleagues in tickets so they can follow them. This way, your team stays on top of everything that's relevant! Learn more

Icon of a hand with a smartphone

Responsive Design

Use Zammad on your mobile devices and enjoy a pleasant, user-friendly interface even on smaller screens. Access your helpdesk on the go and be even more productive. Learn more

Icon of a folder and an arrow pointing down

Archive Import

Switching from another system to Zammad is a breeze. Our Archive Import system makes it super quick and easy to transfer your existing data to your new Zammad helpdesk. This way you can access all information and correspondences you have collected previously at the touch of a button. Learn more

Icon of a yellow table with a red Settings symbol

Core Workflows

Different teams need different data. Our Core Workflows with Dynamic Object Screens allow you to define exactly which ticket fields different groups should see, making Zammad less cluttered - and even more perfect for individual use cases. Learn more



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