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On the Customer Information Page, you can find all the details on a customer at a glance. See their personal info and leave helpful notes for your team members to ensure smooth communication and information transfer.

In Zammad, every customer has their own Customer Information Page. It's where all the important information about them is collected:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Email, phone number, and address
  • Notes and information
  • Number of tickets

This is what it looks like:

Screennshot of Customer Information Page in Zammad

The page can easily be updated by all agents of your organization. Check out the User Documentation for more details.

The Customer Information Page exists to ensure better, smoother, and more professional Customer Service. Imagine how nice it is if you already know the most important details when interacting with a customer, so they don't have to repeat them every time they reach out.

Surprise your customers by having the answer ready before they have even asked you their question - one of the many benefits of Zammad!

Together we turn your customers into fans.
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