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Who is Zammad For?

Zammad is a modern helpdesk software and ticketing system In recent years it has become a popular alternative to solutions like OTRS.

In December 2020, OTRS announced that there will be no more security updates for version OTRS 6 (free community edition). As a result, many OTRS users are looking around for other options. In their search for an alternative open-source solution, many end up with Zammad - and are thrilled. But where did Zammad actually come from?

How did Zammad come to be?

In 2016, the former founder of OTRS, Martin Edenhofer, started a new project. Zammad was to become the ticket system of the future: leaner, more modern, and more user-friendly. In close cooperation with an experienced team of developers and the award-winning design agency Zeughaus, this was achieved. And best of all: the Zammad code is free!

Zammad will always be open-source

Like OTRS at first, Zammad also follows the Open Source idea - and it will stay that way forever. The software is freely available and can be viewed openly. Anyone can download the source code and use it for their own purposes free of charge. Costs only incur if you sign a support contract or decide on a hosted version. We have various price packages for these scenarios.

Who is Zammad for?

Zammad is an alternative to the OTRS ticketing system primarily because it covers the same use cases: it is perfect for Customer Service and IT Support. At Zammad, all communication channels are combined. This way, all requests and messages become tickets that can be easily categorized, prioritized, and assigned.

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Text modules

Zammad means convenience: with the help of our flexible text modules, customer inquiries can be handled more efficiently. Simply define your own shortcuts!

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Do you have to answer the same questions over and over again? Zammad allows you to create individual ticket templates. This way you never type more than necessary, save valuable time, and can be sure that every agent always finds the right words.

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Historization of Changes

Zammad is audit-proof. That's one reason why it is often used in banks. For example, the ticket history can be used to track who made which changes at what time.

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SLA / Escalations

Would you like to guarantee certain customers a specific reaction or solution time? Zammad helps you to meet and evaluate it. This can be configured very quickly and easily in the admin interface.

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Knowledge Base

It's so convenient if you can just look something up. That's why Zammad has an extensive knowledge base. It makes sure everyone is always in the picture - whether they’re an agent or a customer. Depending on your plan even in several languages!

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Smart Chat

Be quick now: via our smart chat, your support team can solve customer queries 7x faster than via conventional email.

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Switch from OTRS to Zammad

Intrigued? Then go for it: The switch from OTRS to Zammad is done quickly - and it pays off! Use the Zammad Migrator for a fast and easy process. Simply install the migration wizard as an OTRS extension and register with Zammad. Then you will be asked which data should be imported from OTRS. And that's it!

Numerous users have already recognized Zammad as an alternative to OTRS and have made the switch. So far, none of them has regretted it.

Most recently, SER was no longer happy with OTRS because the UI was completely cluttered and confusing. Zammad, on the other hand, convinced the whole team with its modern interface and highly functional coverage.

Dominik Benner

I deliberately chose Zammad because it is long-term and sustainable. Even though it doesn't include all the features of OTRS, it offers everything that is important and focuses on the essentials. Sometimes, less is more!

Benjamin Leist

Want help? Let's do it together!

If you are unsure about the migration or lack the appropriate know-how, we have the solution: our OTRS migration workshop! Together with other Zammad newcomers, you will be guided step-by-step through the migration by one of our Zammad experts. This way, you can ask your questions live and be sure that everything will go smoothly. It's just one of many free webinars we host regularly. Have a look at what's coming up next.

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