Historization of Changes

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Zammad makes sure nothing gets lost: the automatic historization of all changes means you can track all your edits, updates, and correspondences at any time. This way you can even follow up on older tickets years after they were created!

Zammad's memory is better than Yoda's. Thanks to our historization, all your work is saved forever! This has a lot of benefits:

  • Follow up on older tickets
  • Never forget anything that was discussed
  • Use the full-text search to see if something was answered or defined previously, to help with your current work
  • Pick up colleagues' tickets during their absences and jump right in

Due to a new feature in Zammad 6.1, it is now also possible to clearly see in the ticket history when an automatic change has taken place in the ticket. In case of automatic changes that were created by triggers, the name of the trigger that was responsible for the automatic change is now displayed in the ticket history.

Here's to seamless and efficient communication!

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