What's Behind the Zammad Company?

How was Zammad started?

Many years ago, in a software world before our time, Zammad founder Martin Edenhofer created a successful helpdesk software: OTRS. At some point, Martin realized: ticketing systems will become more and more important in modern times - but none of the existing solutions offered all the features and integrations needed in everyday support.

In 2014, Martin joined forces with the core team from the OTRS environment and founded a new open-source solution with modern technology, which they named Zammad.

Founded, based, and run in Germany, the result is contemporary, clever, and comprehensive. It has already convinced thousands of users - and new ones join them every day.

As the user base grows, the Zammad team has remained small and familiar and is still held together by the Zammadians who laid the foundation and whose passion remains unclouded to this day. We are scattered all over the world, yet work together more closely than most on-site teams.

What we have achieved so far makes us proud. What will come next? Let’s see. But one thing is certain: Zammad is already a success story.

Photo of the Zammad Team
Our Zammad Values

What We Believe In


Only as a team can we progress, because each of us brings different qualities with them. That's why we appreciate every single Zammadian ... even the one who recently overwrote the code!


The cat in the bag? Not with us. We believe in transparency and honesty. Our code is openly visible because we stand behind what we create!


We value each other and give each team member their own projects and responsibilities. We also trust our users and the community as we know they give us honest feedback that helps us grow.

Man Before Machine

All in the name of technology? On the contrary. We don't code for the software, but for the people who use it. Their needs drive us every day.

More about the Spirit

What Makes Us Unique?

Our name has a meaning. Zammad is Bavarian and stands for "together" - and that's what we're all about: together with our users, we solve their problems. Together with our customers, we get involved in things. And together with our community, we work on Zammad.

Our community? Yes, exactly! Zammad is open-source software. Our code is available to everyone for free - and it will stay that way!

But it's not only our spirit that makes us special, it’s also what's inside: Zammad is based on current web technologies like WebApp/HTML5, WebSockets, or REST in the frontend and relies on Ruby on Rails in the backend. Our user interface is clean, modern, and intuitive and was developed by award-winning UI experts.

The Zammad Mission

To support teams all over the world who aspire to work more efficiently and excel in their daily customer service, Zammad is a modern helpdesk software solution accessible to anyone, based on extensive experience and continuously improved by a knowledgeable community.

Our Vision for Zammad

Zammad's vision for the future is to create a customer service world where support is enjoyable for everyone involved - customer, agent, company, and IT team. In 10 years, Zammad will be the most used helpdesk tool worldwide, with its popularity resulting from the individual service, accessibility, scalability and Open Source philosophy.

What makes us proud



The idea is born

The first line of source code is written


Zammad Foundation & Zammad GmbH

◦ The Zammad Foundation is established as the home of the open-source project
◦ Zammad GmbH is founded as a commercial counterpart for services, training, and consulting


First paying customer/contract


Go Public

Release of Zammad 1.0


100 organizations are using Zammad


500 GitHub stars received

Zammad is now available in 28 languages


Release of Zammad 2.0




Release of Zammad 3.0


Zammad is now available in 42 languages


1. Place DINAcon Award

Category „Best Open Source Project“


1200 organizations are using Zammad


2000 GitHub stars received




Release of Zammad 4.0


Over 90% annual growth

Plus over 700k downloads and over 2600 GitHub stars


What Do Others
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