Zammad Is a Transparent Open Source Ticketing System

We’re convinced that Zammad is pretty cool and we won’t make a secret of how it works. No way, José! Zammad is an open-source helpdesk system and the code is available for free forever. Because if you create something great, you should share it. This way, you can easily create your own version of Zammad – whatever you may need it for.

What can I use Zammad for?

The do-it-yourself solution hosted by yourself

  • Download code for free
  • Set up the ticketing system yourself
  • Customise Zammad at any time
  • Free of charge
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The all-round carefree package hosted by Zammad

  • We set up the Zammad helpdesk for you
  • Our Support is always there to assist
  • We make modifications for you
  • Training and workshops for your team
  • Cost depending on scope
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All advantages at a glance

What Does Open Source Mean?

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Sharing Knowledge

Free Code and Valuable Input

We, too, often looked at the codes of other developers and got ideas, tips, and tricks there. That's why we let others do the same with our own open-source ticketing system - and hope that it helps.

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Improving Faster Together

The Zammad Community

We constantly receive useful feature ideas. Sometimes it's just a hint on small things that we could improve about our open source ticket system. For us, this input is very valuable, as it helps us to make the Zammad helpdesk even better with every release.

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Enjoying the Exchange

Inspiring Interaction

Forget Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags“. The Zammad Community brings you “Fun with Code“! We are proud of our thriving community that shares ideas and participates in the code and the Zammad documentation. Come and join!

More about Open Source:

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