Reporting in Zammad

Reporting helps you to gain valuable insights into your company's and team's performance. The idea is to analyze data to generate trends, allowing you to spot deviations at an early stage.

The information gathered from these reports is the basis for future decisions - hence comprehensive evaluations should be made on a regular basis, The reports also help you to define company goals, such as OKRs and KPIs.

Zammad also allows you to integrate your existing reporting tools, like Grafana or Kibana.

Data Analysis in Zammad

Zammad has offered an internal reporting tool since the beginning. This is included in the open-source version as well as in the "Plus" version of the hosted setup.

Admins can view comprehensive and insightful reports on the performance within their Zammad instance and generate reports on various metrics, such as closed tickets or backlog, for different time periods.

Screenshot of Grafana integration in Zammad

Reporting Webinar

In order to present all the innovations in this area and to give you a comprehensive picture of how you can use reporting for your company, we offer a live webinar.

On the one hand, we explain how you can link your reporting tool with Zammad, and on the other hand, we show various possible use cases with examples.

Here are the details:

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Integrations for reporting tools

Kibana Integration

Want to analyze data in detail and map trends easily? Connect your Zammad with Kibana and create helpful reports and overviews of your Zammad usage.

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Grafana Logo

Grafana Integration

All statistics about your company at a glance: link your Grafana account with Zammad's Elasticsearch and always see exactly what’s going on.

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We have extensive reporting requirements to measure compliance with KPIs. Zammad directly offered to create a Grafana integration tailored to our needs. This is absolutely great and solves the problem perfectly.

René Gerasch

Zammad reporting tells us a lot about our workload. It allows us to better measure, estimate, and plan our time spent responding to incoming tickets.

Daniel Bollmann
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