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A Strong Helpdesk
For Wholesale and Retail

Lift your Support to the next level! With Zammad as your ticketing and helpdesk solution, there is no need for false modesty: you are a customer service hero that provides reliable and structured support at all times! Never miss out on an order again and reply to messages like a flash!

These customers trust Zammad:

You know what it's like

The Chaotic Customer Service Day

Everything always happens at the same time. And it needs to be taken care of immediately! Those days can make your head spin. Luckily, Zammad is a strong helpdesk software solution that makes it easy to get your ticket system up and running. Great, now you have time to put on new coffee.

Without Zammad
With Zammad
Perfect for the trade

Why Choose the Zammad Helpdesk?

We know what it’s like: an incorrect shipment, a quality problem or a last-minute order ... Zammad has grown from years of experience in customer support and offers a solution to each of the small challenges you face in your daily life. It's actually all quite simple.

Icon to illustrate text modules
Text modules

Work Faster With Text Modules

Typing the same thing over and over again is boring, inefficient and makes your fingers hurt. Therefore you can create individual text modules in Zammad. You’ll fly through your tasks!

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Book icon
Knowledge Base

Find it in Your Knowledge Base

Do you frequently have to explain the same things? And does it drive you bonkers? Just write them down in the Zammad Knowledge Base and it will be available for the whole team to look up and learn.

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Template icon

Templates to save you time

Do you have to answer the same questions over and over again? Zammad allows you to create individual ticket templates. This way you never type more than necessary, save valuable time, and can be sure that every agent always finds the right words.

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Dashboard icon

Everything at a glance on the Dashboard

Been away for a while? No problem: the Zammad dashboard shows you what you have missed. Be it new messages, assigned tickets, or missed calls - you are right back in the game!

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"Zammad is intuitive, clean, and provides great structure. This allows us to focus on what is most important: the customer."

Laura Gamez Morales, Head of Customer Service, myposter

The users didn't even notice the switch, except that the Support became more reliable. The switch has definitely paid off: Zammad offers us more possibilities than we originally expected!

Stephan Heffner, Spokesperson of the Internet Commission, Amnesty International

"Zammad is so well-structed and user-friendly that even less tech-savvy colleagues can easily use it. And all our tools can be integrated!“

René Gerasch, Head of Customer Support, Gansel Rechtsanwälte
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