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The Zammad Dashboard collects information and statistics about your work. Here you can find all sorts of overviews, such as the open tickets, the average waiting time, or the reopening rate. You can also see what your colleagues are doing by checking the activity stream.

The dashboard is the first thing you see after logging in. It's where you find an evaluation of your productivity. You can also compare your statistics with the company average and see what others are doing.

This is what the dashboard looks like:

But what else can you find there?

  • 1 - Waiting time today
    On average, how long did customers have to wait today to get an answer from you?
  • 2 - Mood
    How many escalated tickets do you have open at the moment?
  • 3 - Channel distribution
    Where are your tickets coming from? (This overview shows tickets created in the last seven days, sorted by inbound vs. outbound).
  • 4 - Assigned
    Of all open tickets (company-wide), how many are currently assigned to you?
  • 5 - Your tickets in process
    What percentage of your tickets have you responded to or updated in the last 24 hours?
  • 6 - Reopening rate
    How many of your closed tickets have been reopened in the last seven days?
  • 7 - Activity stream
    What are others on your team doing right now?

With the dashboard, you'll always have everything in view and become a true productivity pro!

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