Helpdesk Features for a Great Support System

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Wanting to help and being able to help do not always go hand in hand. That's why Zammad has integrated numerous clever features that make it easy for helpdesk agents (aka support heroes) to respond quickly, reliably and competently.

Customer Support made easy

Zammad Has Special Features for Special Agents

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Historization of Changes

Zammad is audit-proof. That's one reason why it is often used in banks. For example, the ticket history can be used to track who made which changes at what time. Learn more

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Individual fields

Zammad allows you to create individual fields - such as specific dates or query classifications. And best of all, it works not only for tickets but also for users and organizations. Learn more

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Immediate Changes

Changes to objects (e.g. changing a status or adding a note) are immediately displayed in Zammad. The advantage? It prevents duplicate work and colleagues are always well informed. Learn more

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Individual Lists & Overviews

Create individual overviews - specifically for your different teams. Numbers, names, columns, properties, and permissions can be defined by the administrator. Learn more

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Be quick now: via our chat, your support team can solve customer queries 7x faster than via conventional email. Learn more

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The Zammad web app supports over 30 languages. Simply select your preferred interface language and avoid misunderstandings. Learn more

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Individual people require individual styles. Design your signatures freely and add your company logo to the platform. Self-hosted versions also offer the possibility to completely personalize Zammad via custom CSS. Learn more

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Been away for a while? No problem: the Zammad dashboard shows you what you have missed. Be it new messages, assigned tickets, or missed calls - you are right back in the game! Learn more

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Customer Interface

After customers have created tickets, they can track the status via the customer interface. This way, everyone is always in the picture and can provide further information. Learn more

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Zammad shows you who is important. Use the VIP feature to select important customers so they will be highlighted. You can also use this feature for triggers/notifications. Learn more

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Out of office / replacement

You're not there? But the ticket is waiting! No problem - just appoint a replacement who will receive your tasks automatically. If they are also not there, their substitute will receive it, and so on. That way you won't leave any customers hanging. Learn more

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Bring more clarity to your messages with the Zammad Editor. Whether it’s boldface, italic text, or bullet points - simple keyboard shortcuts ensure easy layout. Learn more

SLA / Escalations

Would you like to guarantee certain customers a specific reaction or solution time? Zammad helps you to meet and evaluate it. This can be configured very quickly and easily in the admin interface. Learn more

Mentions / Watch

The Mentions feature allows you to tag colleagues in tickets so they can follow them. This way, your team stays on top of everything that's relevant! Learn more

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Archive Import

Switching from another system to Zammad is a breeze. Our Archive Import system makes it super quick and easy to transfer your existing data to your new Zammad helpdesk. This way you can access all information and correspondences you have collected previously at the touch of a button. Learn more

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