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Branding is an essential way to create a corporate identity, position your company, and foster recognition. Zammad offers you various ways to personalize your helpdesk to match it better with your visual branding.

In order to create a strong corporate identity, it is important to have consistent branding. Positioning your product name and logo helps employees to identify with their company. Studies show that it improves mission focus and fosters a sense of community. Hierarchies appear flatter - after all, we're all part of the same team! And what is more, it even helps with hiring and retention!

That's why even communication channels for internal purposes, such as your intranet or team chat, should be personalized as much as possible. Here's what you can update in Zammad:

  • Product name

    Add the name of your product or organization. It will be shown in the web interface, tabs, and title bar of the web browser.

  • Organization

    Will be shown in the app and is included in email footers.

  • Logo

    Your logo is a huge part of what makes you unique! Upload it to your Zammad and see it in your helpdesk web interface.

  • Date Format

    Choose the date format you like the most - we know that preferences differ strongly based on location!

  • Email Signature

    Personalize your email signature based on your corporate standards - with a banner, logo, or photo!

Hosting yourself?

Great! Then you can style your helpdesk individually with CSS. This way it's truly unique!

Remember what you're made of! What are you waiting for?

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