Out of office / replacement

Icon of person running away from door

Zammad offers you an easy way to ensure all your to-dos are covered during your absences. The Out-of-Office feature allows you to determine a replacement for a certain period of time. The designated person receives your messages and tickets and can ensure that everything is taken care of until you're back.

What happens when you're away? Who takes care of your cases during your holidays? And will your tickets go unnoticed? With Zammad, they won't!

You can easily schedule out-of-office periods in advance, and designate a substitute to handle your tickets while you’re gone.

Your substitute will receive all your ticket notifications during your absence and have a custom overview created to help keep track of your tickets.

Screenshot Zammad Out of Office Feature

Note: You will also continue to receive notifications while you are out-of-office, in case you want to check things while you're away.

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