Zammad Migrator

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Mama says: make sure you know what you're letting yourself into. And we agree! We can tell you tons of amazing things about Zammad. But how will you know they're true? With the Migration Wizard you can easily test Zammad - no strings attached. And once you've fallen in love (which you will!), the wizard helps you to easily transfer all your existing helpdesk data. Welcome to the Zammad Community!

500 tickets per minute

The Migration Wizard automatically transfers all desired organizations, customers, tickets, and settings. A small account with 500 tickets should be imported in ten minutes. With 10,000 tickets it will take about three hours until Zammad is ready for takeoff. Don’t worry, you're not needed here and you can already get going with your exploration of Zammad.

OTRS → Zammad

Moving from OTRS to Zammad is easy. Install the Migration Wizard as OTRS extension and register at Zammad. When setting up you will be asked which data should be imported from OTRS. Done.

Find out more about switching from OTRS to Zammad.

Zendesk → Zammad

Moving from Zendesk is even easier. Just register at Zammad and give Zammad access to your Zendesk account. Afterward, you choose the data to be transferred. That's it.

Here's everything you need to know about switching from Zendesk to Zammad.

Freshdesk → Zammad

You can also migrate from Freshdesk super easily. Here's everything you need to know about why you should switch from Freshdesk to Zammad.

Mailbox → Zammad

If you're considering migrating your mailbox to a Zammad instance you're in for a treat: a whole new world of amazing helpdesk features awaits you. Learn more about why switching from a mailbox to Zammad pays off and get tempted right away!

Consistent: the migration ticket

If you link your existing helpdesk account, you will automatically receive a new assigned ticket. The migration ticket tells you the status of the import and possible updates since the last synchronization. That way, you always have an overview of your data situation and then flip the switch with a clear conscience just when you're ready for the change to Zammad.

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