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Clearbit is a marketing data engine designed to collect information on your contacts. This way you can easily stay up to date with everything. Did John change his job? And Speedy Cars Inc. moved to a different location? Of course, you knew - and it's already in your system! At least if you use the Clearbit integration for Zammad. So what are you waiting for?

With our Clearbit integration, you can easily enrich the information provided by Zammad. If the customer's or agent's email address is known to Clearbit, it will share all information it has regarding the user with Zammad. That information can include the following:

  • Avatar
  • Address information
  • Website information
  • A bio (as a note)

If needed, you can add further custom objects and add mappings to them, so the Clearbit information can be added to the database. In general, you can get any information from Clearbit, as long as you have a mapping to a Zammad object.

Configuring the Clearbit integration in Zammad

The configuration of Clearbit is really easy and done fast! Just login to your Clearbit account, go to „API“ and copy the secret-API key.

Next, you will have to paste said key into Zammad and select a few options.

Screenshot Clearbit Integration Setup in Zammad

In the next steps, you can define your mapping. And then you're good to go! Zammad will now start polling the Clearbit API as users contact you.

If you need additional information, the Admin documentation will provide you with a detailed explanation.

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