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Zammad ensures that your communication is secure at all times: we enable email encryption, allow restricted password access, let admins define user rights and permissions, give you the option to create access tokens, and let you view all devices logged into your account.

Zammad is a safe way to manage all communication with your customers. There are various ways we ensure security for you.

Secure Email

Zammad supports S/MIME for high-security email communication. Use the Encrypt and Sign buttons to turn on encryption and signing for outgoing emails.

Gif of S/MIME settings in Zammad
  • Don't see this option in the ticket view?
    This feature is optional. If you don’t see it in the ticket composer, it means your administrator hasn’t enabled it yet. Administrators can learn more in the documentation.

Password Policies

Users can define their own passwords. However, admins can disable this option to ensure that organization-specific password policies are met. Admins can also set the password for a user.

Token Access

Generate personal access tokens for third-party applications to use the Zammad API.

Screenshot of token settings in Zammad

Connected Devices

On your Profile, you can see a list of all devices logged in to your Zammad account (and revoke access, if necessary).

Screenshot Device Settings in Zammad

User Rights

Admins can define rights and permissions for the agents of their organization, ensuring that critical changes can only be performed by a small number of employees.

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