Placetel Integration

Placetel is a Cloud Telephone System that allows users to make phone calls online. Use your regular phone number and call someone directly on their mobile or landline while still having all communication in one place. If you integrate your Placetel account with Zammad, you will receive a detailed call log making the history of your correspondences even more accurate.

Zammad version 2.8 and later support the integration of your Placetel account. This is easily set up by connecting APIs of both Zammad and Placetel. Find out how in our Admin Documentation.

Screenshot Placetel Setup Zammad

What are the benefits?

By connecting Placetel and Zammad, you will be provided with a detailed and helpful caller log. This is an overview of all inbound calls including the length of the call and the status (e.g. not reached or connected). This way you can also see which agents are currently engaged in conversations. The system will even automatically pull up and add information on the caller, so you know who you're talking to as soon as the call starts.

This way, you can:

  • keep track of all communication history
  • provide even more personal Support
  • see at a glance which agent is currently available
  • have detailed information on all missed calls
  • monitor your team performance on calls

What are you waiting for?

Screenshot Placetel Caller Log Zammad


Please note that it’s not possible to log outbound calls. This is due to a limitation of the Placetel API.

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