Nagios Integration

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In IT support, monitoring tools help to keep an eye on performance. One of the most common is Nagios - a program that offers a wide selection of modules for monitoring networks, hosts, and other services. Zammad now offers you the possibility to integrate Nagios into your ticket system via a REST API.

Teams that use Zammad as an IT service desk often use "monitoring tools." These tools alert IT teams when, for example, a server is no longer accessible or a hard disk is about to be exhausted. Tickets are perfect for handling such alerts in a coordinated manner within the team - for example, by assigning an owner and enabling the logging of activities already performed on the ticket.

Nagios is a widespread and popular solution in this context. It provides monitoring capabilities for applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, and the entire network infrastructure.

Screenshot Nagios in Zammad

Features of the Nagios integration in Zammad

  • Creation of tickets in case of alerts
  • Transparent logging of activities already performed by the agent
  • Automatic closing of the ticket when the service is restored (optional)
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