Checkmk Integration

Checkmk is a powerful IT monitoring tool that can send real-time status alerts to Zammad via email or REST API. Set these alerts up in Checkmk, and Zammad will automatically create, update, and close tickets based on the health of your system.

Checkmk supports you with infrastructure and application monitoring. Keep an eye on everything no matter how complex your environment. Checkmk can be integrated with Zammad so you will receive a ticket for every Checkmk alert.

Whenever the Checkmk integration is enabled, Zammad listens for messages on its API and over email. As long as those messages follow the required format, Zammad will create new tickets (or find and update existing ones) based on the message contents.

Screenshot Checkmk Ticket in Zammad

Easy Setup

Setting up the Checkmk integration is simply a matter of adding the configuration to your Checkmk site: telling it when to send these messages and what to say. To do that, you’ll need to create a new notification rule (see Checkmk’s official docs for help with that).

As part of this new rule, you’ll have to choose a notification method (i.e., a script to execute whenever the rule is triggered). This script will be written by you, and contain the logic for sending API/email messages to Zammad.

All in all, the setup is quick and straightforward and our Admin documentation will guide you through every step.

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