Time recording

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Zammad supports detailed time accounting to help administrators keep track of how much time you spend on any given ticket, customer, or client organization.

If you want to know how much time you need for each project, you can use the time accounting function in Zammad. It will ask you every time you close a ticket how much time you have spent editing it.

Time accounting popup Zammad

Don't see the pop-up? Then this function probably hasn't been enabled yet. No worries though, admins can do so quickly.


It super easy: just turn on the switch on the top left side of the page.

You can choose for which tickets the time accounting should be activated. Once the time recording is active, it will ask you to manually enter how much time you have needed for completion. It’s possible to set multiple conditions (these can also be arbitrarily combined and thus specified):

Screenshot setup time recording in Zammad

Admins can also retrieve an evaluation of the time recording in the overview section of the Zammad Admin area.

Read more in the Admin-Documentation

External time-recording apps

If you don't want to record your time spent per ticket and prefer to track you time per task and tool throughout the workday, you can easily do so, too. Plugins like TimeCamp will record your time spent on Zammad, as well as your other tools and projects. And since it's a Google Plugin, it's super easy to install, too!

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