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Never lose your work again! Whenever a tab is open in Zammad, all your edits are saved automatically. But what if you close it? No worries - a warning message pops up before you do to make sure none of your changes are accidentally lost.

You know what it feels like: you've accidentally closed a tab or browser window ... and all your edits are gone! Well, fear no more. With Zammad's Autosave feature, all your work is stored.

That's because we know what life as a Support Agent is like: new messages pop up and calls come in while you're trying to send an email. So you have no choice but to switch back and forth between multiple tabs.

Thanks to the Autosave feature, you don't have to waste time and clicks hitting "Save" every time you switch to another tab. We make sure your work is saved!

But what if you accidentally close a tab altogether? Don't panic - we've anticipated that!

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Before all is lost, the system will make sure you really, really want to close this tab or window. So instead of worrying about saving your edits, better worry about your customer's wellbeing. And leave the rest to us!

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