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Tweet tweet tweet! Twitter has become one of the most popular social media these days. We make it easy for you to keep up with your tweets and messages with our smart integration. Easy to set up, even easier to use!

Did you know that as of October 2020, Twitter had 340 million active users? And their usage has increased by 34% in 2020!

So why are we telling you this? Exactly: to put into perspective why it is so important to stay ahead in the birdie game. And the good news is that Zammad makes it super easy for you!

Simply integrate your account so you can send and receive tweets and DMs just like emails!

screenshot of Twitter ticket in Zammad


The setup is pretty straightforward:

  • Apply for a Twitter Developer account
  • Create a new Twitter app for Zammad
  • Set your new app’s permissions to Read, write, and access direct messages
  • Generate a new access token & secret
  • Set up a dev environment for the Account Activity API
  • Add your new Twitter app in Zammad
  • Add your Twitter account in Zammad
  • Configure filters for creating new tickets based on #tags and @mentions

And you're done!
Sounds confusing? No worries, we have a detailed explanation in our Admin documentation that details every step.

Happy tweeting!

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