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All the information on an organization in one place: see the ticket history, corresponding user profiles, address, and much more at just a glance. Organization information pages in Zammad are easy to set up and modify, and they help you to maintain the perfect overview.

Our organization information page collects all your info on a customer or connection - be it a company, an NGO or a one-person business.

But why do you need to set up an organization in Zammad in the first place? Well, there are many benefits, the main one being that ...

Organizations allow you to group customers

This has two important advantages, among other things:

  • As an agent, you don't just have the overview of a customer’s tickets, but also an overview of the entire organization.
    For example, by searching for the organization, all the tickets for the organization are displayed and they can be opened easily with a click. This overview appears as follows:
Screenshot of an organization in Zammad
  • Secondly, as a customer, you can view and edit your colleagues’ tickets (if the organization is a “shared organization” - you can set this as a parameter for each organization.)

Within the organization the following things can be set:

  • whether it’s a shared organization
    (All customers who are assigned to this organization can view and edit the group tickets)
  • if the assignment is domain-based (assign users based on domain)
  • whether it’s active or inactive
  • notes

By the way: If you have an existing database of organizations you can import them via CSV upload!

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