Bundle or split tickets

Illustration of two overlapping squares

It often happens that several tickets cover the same topic. Or a ticket covers several topics. In this case, you can merge, link, or split tickets. This allows you and your team to always have the perfect overview!

Merge tickets

Sometimes you may receive two tickets for the same issue (for example, because a customer sent a brand new email instead of responding to an existing ticket). In these cases, you can bundle the two tickets by merging them.

Screenshot Zammad Ticket Submenu

Merging tickets transfers all messages and notes from the original to the selected ticket. All this can be set in the tool.

Screenshot Zammad Link Dialog

Linked tickets can optionally be organized in a parent-child hierarchy.

Also, if tickets appear on related topics (e.g. multiple customer complaints about the same defective product), they can be linked together for easier identification.

Screenshot Linking Tickets in Zammad

Split / divide tickets

Some tickets may involve multiple issues or require separate handling by different departments (e.g. Sales and Customer Service). In such cases, you can split off a single issue into a separate ticket.

Screenshot Splitting Tickets in Zammad

When splitting a ticket, the message in question is transferred to the new ticket dialog. The original ticket is linked to the new ticket, which can be seen in the ticket dialog.

More information can be found in the Agent Documentation.

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