Sipgate Integration

Knowing who’s calling is quite important if you want to bring your Support to the next level! Our integration for Sipgate provides you with a detailed call overview. If you have a customer that wants to get connected to a certain agent, the caller log will tell you if this colleague is currently available. That's the kind of Support you want to experience!

Sipgate is an internet telephony tool that allows you to make all your phone calls right from the browser. If you connect your Sipgate to Zammad, you will find that Zammad provides you with detailed caller information that helps you to maintain an insightful history of all your correspondences.

And what is more: the caller information allows you to greet the caller personally and to create a ticket with just one click. It is automatically linked to their profile and lets you take notes as you speak, without keeping your customer waiting. This is how personal and efficient support works!

Your Sipgate telephone system can easily be connected to Zammad. Just go to the Admin Panel where you can find Sipgate among the possible integrations. Read the full instructions in our Admin Documentation.

Once you’re all set, you can activate the Sipgate integration within Zammad. Take a minute to select your individual settings.

Screenshot Zammad Sipgate Integration

If you want, you can choose to block inbound and outbound caller IDs. This ensures that you can concentrate on your work. Setting the default Caller ID is optional and makes sense if you have several numbers.

There, it's all yours!

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