Monit Integration

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Monitoring tools help companies keep an eye on their infrastructure. They sound the alarm as soon as something is not working as it should. The team can then sort out these issues. One such tool is Monit, which can be linked to Zammad via an integration.

If you use Zammad as your IT service desk, you probably also have a monitoring tool in use. Several such tools can be integrated into Zammad - including Monit.

Monit has been successful in this area for quite some time and is especially convincing due to its quick and easy setup. Just like Zammad, Monit is open-source and relies on simple design and a strong community.

Monit Screenshot

The Monit integration with Zammad allows for automatic ticket creation for every email you receive from Monit. This way you have everything in one place and never lose track of any issues or to-dos.

Screenshot Zammad Monit integration

Features of the Monit integration in Zammad:

  • Automatic ticket creation through emails from Monit
  • Automatic ticket closure (on Recover) through emails from Monit
  • Configuration/integration via the Zammad admin interface (Integrations → Monit)
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