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The Core Workflows feature allows you to define individual ticket fields for different groups. These can even have dynamic conditions, so that if one field is selected, another one pops up, closes, etc. This way you can adjust your Zammad ticket masks and screens to the different needs of your teams.

Organizations that use Zammad with several teams (or "groups", as we call them), often come across the same problem: the rigid tickets masks and inflexible screens. While you can create different screens for agents and customers, all teams must use the same ticket entry screens, with the same fields.

Or must they?

No! With the launch of Zammad 5.0 comes a new feature: the Core Workflows.

With this feature, it's possible - among other things - to provide different teams (groups) with their own, individual screens. Admins can specify exactly which ticket fields should appear for which group.

But not only that: the current field selection in the ticket also dictates further fields, so that the ticket masks adjust dynamically.

This means that, depending on the current ticket object selection, further ticket objects:

  • can be shown or hidden AND
  • selection options can be limited AND
  • can be defined as mandatory or optional

This is just another feature that allows you to personalize and individualize Zammad exactly to your needs. It is part of Zammad's Plus plan.

Learn more about Core Workflows in the Admin-Documentation.

This feature has been sponsored by EDF DAG. Thank you for your contribution to Zammad! 💛

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