Duplicate Detection

Say goodbye to double efforts and welcome streamlined work processes with Duplicate Detection. With this powerful feature, you can eliminate duplicate tickets, resulting in reduced response times and improved customer satisfaction.

A helpdesk serves as a crucial hub for customers or users seeking support, solutions, or information related to products, services, or technical issues. Requests can be initiated in various ways, such as through phone calls, emails, live chats, or directly through the ticket system - a diverse and beneficial range of options. However, this convenience can also lead to an increased chance of duplicate requests. Starting from Zammad 6.0, we have implemented a powerful Duplicate Detection feature. This intelligent capability allows the system to identify duplicate requests by comparing specific attributes. Once duplicates are detected, users or agents creating a ticket are notified, enabling them to streamline their efforts and avoid redundant work.

To activate the Duplicate Detection feature and manage its attributes, you can access the settings through the admin interface. Simply navigate to "Settings > Tickets" to access the relevant options.

The development of this feature was made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of Bringmeister GmbH.💛

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