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Zammad makes communication easy and opens up numerous straightforward ways for your customers to contact you. This includes SMS integration, which creates trigger notifications via SMS. This is the epitome of modern, efficient communication!

One of Zammad's goals is to connect as many channels as possible to support any communication between your customers and your organization in Zammad, creating transparency and better efficiency.

The SMS integration allows your customers to communicate with you via text message. You, in turn, can send trigger notifications via SMS.

How to get started

The setup is quite simple: open the admin area (Channels) and include your communication channel "SMS" (bidirectional customer <-> agent) in Zammad. Currently, Twilio is supported as a possible SMS provider.

A provider for trigger notifications via SMS can also be included here. Currently Zammad supports Twilio and as possible providers.

Functions of the SMS integration

  • Communication channel via "SMS" (bidirectional communication via SMS between customer <-> agent)
  • Trigger notifications via "SMS" (unidirectional notifications via SMS to Zammad users)

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