icinga Integration

A ticket for info every time the performance is weak? Sure you can: Zammad offers direct integration with Icinga, a monitoring tool that monitors your infrastructure and informs you directly when action is needed somewhere.

In the context of an IT service desk like Zammad, "monitoring tools" are often used. These alert IT teams when, for example, a server is no longer accessible or a hard disk is at its limit. Tickets are perfect for dealing with these alerts in a structured way with the entire team. Concrete assignments and the historization and logging of previous work steps help.

Zammad offers integration possibilities for several monitoring tools - among others Icinga. The software has so far been able to make a name for itself as a true problem solver, monitoring your entire infrastructure. Insightful analyses are also included.

Screenshot Zammad Integration Icinga

Features of the Icinga integration in Zammad

  • Automatic generation of tickets in warning situations
  • Recording of previous work steps for the completion of this ticket
  • Optional: automatic closing of the ticket after the problem has been solved
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