Editing conflict warning

Icon of magnifying glass looking for person

When two agents edit the same ticket at the same time, a lot can go wrong - from duplicate replies to overwritten messages. Zammad helps you to avoid this with its integrated conflict warning. Thanks to this feature you can see if another agent is currently working on the same ticket as you.

Every once in a while, two agents may have the same ticket open at the same time. When this happens, things can easily get messy: customers may receive conflicting responses on the same issue from both agents, or changes made by one agent may be accidentally undone by the other.

To keep things under control, Zammad will alert you to potential conflicts by displaying an avatar in the lower-lefthand corner for every agent that has that ticket open.

Screenshot Zammad conflict warning

A little pen icon appears if someone is currently editing this ticket: ✏️
This way you know to have a little patience to avoid misunderstandings.

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