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About the Risk of Burnout in Customer Support: 5 Tips for Prevention

Every employee wishes for a healthy work environment. However, sometimes excessive stress, a high workload, and self-sacrificing commitment can lead to sudden burnout. We provide you with practical tips and actionable tools on how to actively prevent this development in your support team.
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The best onboarding process for your new customer support agents

Get off to a flying start in support! A 30-60-90-day plan can help make the start in the company as pleasant as possible for new colleagues and team members. With such a plan, managers set realistic expectations and clear goals to ensure that new employees can get started right from the beginning.
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Your IT blueprint: Six contemporary tools that inspire

Working digitally has become the basis in companies. The theory sounds self-evident, but practice proves to be a challenge. What tools must employers provide to their employees to enable flexible project implementation? And what do talents value? We provide you with an overview of essential software for a modern workday.
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Hybrid Work: How To Inspire Everyone With a Mix Of On-Site And Remote Work

The world of work has undergone significant changes over the past three years. Flexible working and mobile office workplaces are part of the new work culture. This also includes hybrid work, a mix of home office and presence time in the office. If you want to avoid either/or models, this option offers the best alternative for productive employees. These six tips will help you introduce and implement them successfully.
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Anti-Burnout: 6 Insights For Maintaining Job Satisfaction

The perfect working environment is positive and encourages success. It's a desire that doesn't always become reality. Instead, noisy open-plan offices, performance pressure, and negative vibes quickly cause burnout symptoms. These 6 tips work against this and help to gain more motivation for daily work.
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Properly Equipped: Everything For An Ergonomic Workplace

Sitting for long periods, the wrong posture in front of the computer or a lack of movement: Many employees suffer from physical complaints based on an incorrect sitting position or poor equipment. To bring up long-term improvements, these five things should definitely not be missing in an ergonomic workplace.
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5 Tips For Remote Hiring New Colleagues And Hybrid Work

The market economy is peaking right now! The labour market is booming and there is a desperate search for new skilled employees in all sectors. But on-site presence is by now not a common hiring criterion anymore. In addition to permanent positions, remote colleagues, who are supposed to be an integral part of the team despite the distance, are part of modern corporate structures.
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Five Time Management Methods You Should Know About

Prioritizing tasks and working through them works wonderfully in theory. The reality, however, looks much different. Distractions lurk everywhere, squeezing between the will to work productively and the actual goal. That's why we're presenting five proven time management methods that are guaranteed to keep you on track!
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Knowledge That Lasts: How Know-How Transfer Works In The Digital Workplace

In recent months the advantages of the home office have been proven in many companies - more or less voluntarily. Nevertheless, there are still doubts that the knowledge level between individual team members is no longer synchronized as a result of the free space created. Our five tips show how it still works!
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How to Organize a Remote Workshop: From Planning to Feedback

Organizing seminars while working from home has been the new normal for a few months now. But how can the perfect workshop be planned and brought to the screens of interested participants? We've collected the most important steps for you and show you how your webinar is guaranteed to succeed. Time to get started!
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Goodbye Procrastination: Self-Management While You're Working From Home

It's almost impossible to work from home and not face distractions and procrastination. But there are methods and tips to help you concentrate better and work more productively. We'll show you how to beat procrastination bit by bit - and how to get through the day in a more structured way.
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Everything You Need to Know About New Work - the Symbiosis Between Life and Work

Everything is different, everything is in motion. The working world is undergoing a fundamental change and narrowminded thinking no longer has a chance. Transformation is the keyword, and it even has a name: New Work.
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