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IaaS, PaaS, SaaS: Here is how cloud computing models differ

In various service and business models, providers offer their customers suitable cloud computing solutions to choose from. This often involves distinguishing between the options of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. But which model is the right fit for your company? Our guide explains the differences and provides tips on which application aligns with your needs.
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Effective Moderation: Five Helpful Tips for Vibrant Community Forums

In community forums, knowledge is exchanged, discussions are held, and questions are asked. These forums provide members with the opportunity to share their experiences and support each other in various topics. However, to ensure that the exchange in the forums does not diminish, appropriate moderation is essential. With our five helpful tips, you can achieve this.
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SLA - Efficient utilization of Service Level Agreements

Those who make clear agreements reach their goals faster. With SLAs - Service Level Agreements - you define objectives, milestones, or outcomes within specific time slots that ensure effective work. Although SLAs are primarily established with external service providers, internal implementation also offers many advantages.

Social Engineering: Prevention Strategies in Support

Social Engineering refers to the process of obtaining confidential information through deception. Unfortunately, no firewall can protect you from such manipulation attempts by people! However, there are common patterns that attackers often rely on. Protect your organization by recognizing and preventing these early on.

Your IT blueprint: Six contemporary tools that inspire

Working digitally has become the basis in companies. The theory sounds self-evident, but practice proves to be a challenge. What tools must employers provide to their employees to enable flexible project implementation? And what do talents value? We provide you with an overview of essential software for a modern workday.
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Six poor phrases in customer support - and how to do it better

Criticism, rejection, anger: customer support employees have to endure negative feedback every day. It is not always easy to find the right and empathetic words. However, professionals should avoid unnecessary phrases and empty clichés. We show you how to keep customers calm on the phone or in a chat, and how to listen actively and respond emphatically.

Green Washing vs. Green Marketing: How To Do Green Communication Right

Being environmentally conscious has become a big matter for companies. However, there is often more marketing behind customer promises ranging from sustainable products to green office routines than verifiable facts. These tips will help you get green marketing right and avoid greenwashing.

The differences between help desk, ticketing system & co. explained

Do you actually need a ticketing system, a helpdesk, a service desk, a solution desk, or something entirely different? All of these systems share a focus on communication both internally and externally. Someone submits a request – you try to resolve it. However, at their core, they bring a different value proposition that should be considered.

Hybrid Work: How To Inspire Everyone With a Mix Of On-Site And Remote Work

The world of work has undergone significant changes over the past three years. Flexible working and mobile office workplaces are part of the new work culture. This also includes hybrid work, a mix of home office and presence time in the office. If you want to avoid either/or models, this option offers the best alternative for productive employees. These six tips will help you introduce and implement them successfully.
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The Art of Listening: Collecting and Evaluating Customer Feedback Effectively

Every communication from and with your customers contains valuable feedback from which you can read what is already well received and where there is still room for improvement. Systematically collect these real-time insights and incorporate them into product development on an ongoing basis. With such a customer-oriented culture, you make your company future-proof in the long run.

Complex Teams In Zammad? These Features Make It Possible

Do you think your organization is too complex and branched out to work with Zammad? We bet you do, and here we present our pro features for distributed teams and roles that really do justice to any org chart. You don't think so? Go ahead and challenge us.

Helpdesk Security: How to protect access and data

Data theft and hacking are increasingly part of our digital everyday life. In order to secure information and protect our nerves, precautions and security measures must be taken when working with tools such as the helpdesk. We explain the essential basics and additional steps to ensure the security of your data within the company.
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