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Sustainability To Your Ears: 10 Sustainability Podcasts We Like To Listen To

With these ten sustainability podcasts for conscious and green business and management, your ideas and workflows will get input worth listening to, maturing them into impactful projects and business models. Get inspired on your way to work or while exercising and build your business of tomorrow today.

Benefit & Effort Of A Helpdesk For Your Online Store

Can you be reached via the Internet with your own store and are you looking for a way to finally set up your support in a structured and clear manner? Then you should consider a helpdesk that allows you to bundle communication channels and optimally position yourself for internal and external issues. Here you can read everything you need to know when choosing your tool.

Anti-Burnout: 6 Insights For Maintaining Job Satisfaction

The perfect working environment is positive and encourages success. It's a desire that doesn't always become reality. Instead, noisy open-plan offices, performance pressure, and negative vibes quickly cause burnout symptoms. These 6 tips work against this and help to gain more motivation for daily work.
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What To Do About Ticket Overload? Five Tips For Effective Prioritization

Are incoming messages piling up in your service team? Are customers getting impatient because quick questions are simply answered too late? To handle a high volume of tickets more effectively, you can use these five simple tips on how to establish helpful prioritization in your service team.

The Significance Of The New "Open By Default" Principle For Municipalities

Open data has the potential to make an immense contribution to the common good. The announcement is now coming from the federal government that municipalities and public authorities should make the raw data they collect available to the general public. We answer the most important questions about Germany's new data culture, what it's good for, and how you can get straight into implementing it.
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Is AI The Future In Support? Opportunities And Challenges Of ChatGPT & Co.

With the hype and strong media presence of the ChatGPT software, new opportunities for the use of AI in support and customer service have opened up seemingly overnight. Whether it's fast and automated help or improved customer experiences: Smart searches and chatbots are no longer dreams of the future. We give you an overview of the development.

How To Make Your Business CO₂-Neutral

Sustainability plays an important role in everyday work across all industries. Whether it's customer-focused services or global production, your business should always present itself as ecologically and environmentally aware. With a CO₂-neutral organization, you set the course for a greener economy that takes climate change into account.

Properly Equipped: Everything For An Ergonomic Workplace

Sitting for long periods, the wrong posture in front of the computer or a lack of movement: Many employees suffer from physical complaints based on an incorrect sitting position or poor equipment. To bring up long-term improvements, these five things should definitely not be missing in an ergonomic workplace.
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10 Good Reasons To Switch Your Helpdesk To Zammad

Support can be tough, but with a smart ticketing system like Zammad, you can make the job much easier. We've distilled our years of customer support experience into a tool that provides you with an overview and automation. Here are 10 reasons why changing to Zammad will be worth it for you.

Guide For Data Economy: Four Steps Against Data Waste

Anyone who wants to make progress with their digital business relies on collecting and analyzing user data. However, the focus should always be on the quality of the data basis - and less on the quantity. With our four-step guide, you can sharpen your understanding of relevant information and effectively implement data economy.
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5 Ways to Measure Your Customer’s Satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy is a key part of growing your business. It’s what will spell the difference between repeat and one-time customers. A customer’s satisfaction level will reflect whether you’ve met or exceeded their expectations with your service and products.

Do You Have A Sustainability Strategy? Here Is Ours!

To kick off the new year, we want to present how we contribute to sustainable business and maybe also inspire more companies to do so.
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