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Zammad Surprises With New Website Design

· On November 16, 2020, Zammad publishes its newly designed website. It surprises with a completely different style and paves the way for many more innovations.

  • Zammad has seen a growth of around 85% in recent years - the new website is designed to meet this development
  • The design has been adapted to modern standards and offers a better UX
  • New content, such as user stories or the blog, offers visitors a wide range of information
  • The design was created in close cooperation with the award-winning agency Zeughaus Design

Last week, the team behind the helpdesk tool and ticketing system Zammad surprised its users with the announcement that a new website was to be launched in a few days. Now, the time has come: The new website is now available!

Innovative New Website

According to the Zammad team, a new design was overdue. While the Zammad user interface breaks with old traditions and is based on the familiar use of web browsers and smartphones, the website had not been updated for years.

That has now changed: In cooperation with the award-winning agency Zeughaus Design, which already helped develop the user interfaces of the Zammad system, a new website has now been created that will surprise returning visitors with a completely new look.

The New Design

The new design of the website breaks with the previous concept, which focused on soft green tones and light grey. Now, the focus is on the current trend of dark designs and Dark Modes: the site is based on an almost black gray. Color accents were primarily designed in yellow and red and are based on the Zammad logo, a colorful phoenix.

For animations and graphics, the motto was "Grow up but stay playful". The design is based on the Origami principle. This papercraft look symbolizes that Zammad is hand- and tailor-made. But despite the creative imagery, the focus is on the content.

New Content

Besides the new design, the website also offers numerous new sections. These provide visitors with detailed information about the Zammad system and its features, use cases, and general industry news. Among the new content, the following parts stand out:

Price configurator

To illustrate Zammad's pricing system in a clearer and more individual way, the new website offers an interactive configurator. This allows visitors to define certain parameters that are important to them when using Zammad. These parameters are then used to suggest the appropriate price package.

Use cases

Many customers and prospects asked when they could use Zammad. This is where a new content area comes in, which is dedicated to use cases. It explains which companies particularly benefit from Zammad and which features of the Zammad system are especially useful for certain use cases.

User Stories

To illustrate the various use cases of the Zammad system, the Zammad team conducted interviews with existing users and captured their statements. Companies from various industries talk about how and for what they use Zammad and what their conclusion from the collaboration is.


The new Zammad blog provides website visitors with additional content value. Various authors write informative articles on the topics of Helpdesk, Open Source, and New Work.


In the four years since it was founded, Zammad has improved considerably and today is the most comprehensive and user-friendly helpdesk tool with open-source code. But what we had not been working on much was our online presence. We realized that there are many areas where we should inform our users more. We have now started to do exactly that and are proud of an aesthetic website with excellent UX and great new content

Martin Edenhofer, Founder and CEO of Zammad

There has been a trusting cooperation between Zeughaus and Zammad for years. There are very appreciative teams on both sides so that we always had open and constructive communication. We were very happy to support Zammad in their desire to prove themselves as a real alternative on the market.

Oliver Ruhm, Managing Director of Zeughaus Design

About Zammad

Zammad is the most popular open-source helpdesk and customer support platform for companies of all sizes and industries. Its numerous intelligent features and integrations set Zammad apart from other alternatives. Behind the project is an experienced team of developers led by Martin Edenhofer, who launched the commercially successful, enterprise-wide ticketing system OTRS in 2001.

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